Why Does Fast Food Give Me Heartburn?


Who Doesn’t Love Fast Food?

eat fast foodLike you, I love to eat Fast Food, but I realize I shouldn’t overdo it. When I go out to eat with friends, it can sometimes be hard to be mindful what I’m eating.

One thing I try do do is use a napkin to absorb some of the excess fat from the patty before I shove it into my mouth! This is because fat accumulates in your stomach, which increases the chance of stomach-acid build up which can lead to acid reflux!

You can actually try to do this with any food that seems overly greasy. Just take a clean paper napkin and dab away any visible oil and grease. You might also wonder “is ketchup bad for heartburn”? If notice that ketchup seems to trigger heartburn just skip it and the acidic tomato when you place the order.

What Is Heartburn Really?

You may have heard “heartburn” called Acid Reflux. This is the burning sensation you may feel in your chest, throat, or stomach after you eat. This can be both annoying and painful, especially around bed time. You may have noticed that some foods and beverages trigger this and can make you feel terrible for hours! However, there are things you can do to avoid heartburn.

More About Acid Reflux

Acid RefluxAs stated earlier, Acid Reflux is caused by an excess build-up of stomach acid. Stomach acid isn’t all bad, we need it to digest our food.

Your stomach normally secretes and stores in your digestive system. In fact, your stomach lining is specially designed to keep this acid contained.

When this lining breaks down, the acid escapes into the rest of your body. This condition is what’s commonly known as an ulcer.

Remember, as long your stomach lining remains in tact and your acid levels are low, there is no problem. This is partly due a small valve (the esophageal muscle) in your esophagus which controls what goes into your stomach.

This muscle is doorway that allows food into your stomach and keeps gastric acid from flowing into your throat. However, the esophagus is very sensitive, so if any acid leaks out of the valve, you will suffer heartburn.

Common Causes Of Heartburn:

The most common cause is a weak Esophageal Valve. Pregnancy, over eating, hernias, ulcers, smoking, asthma, and excessive drinking can also trigger heartburn.

Common Heartburn Symptoms:

Heartburn can cause chest pain, trigger asthma, tooth enamel erosion, heartburn, sore throats, and vomiting. The most recommended treatment for heartburn is diet and avoiding acidic foods.

Is Ketchup Bad For Heartburn?

There are many common foods that should be avoided by heartburn suffers. These include Black Pepper, Chiles, Alcohol, Citrus, Coffee, Hot Spices, Tomatoes, Vinegar, and Ketchup! Heartburn is very common and most of us will suffer a bout of it from time-to-time. However, chronic heartburn can be a very serious condition.

milkHow can I Treat Heartburn? You can buy Acid Suppressants and Heartburn Treatments over-the-counter. The work by reducing the production of stomach acids. Most of these antacids are great for mild and infrequent heartburn.

At one time many people believed that milk was a good remedy for acid reflux. In fact, milks was the most popular way of attempting to keep heartburn under control.

However, doctors have discovered that milk actually stimulates your stomach to produce more acid and gastric fluids. Which is really the last thing you would want to happen if you trying to get heartburn under control

Confession Of A Fast Food Lover!

As I said before, I’m a complete Fast Food Junkie! There’s no doubt that I prefer a big juicy burger to a nice plate of healthy vegetables! However, I’ve grown to understand that I suffer from chronic heartburn and that Fast Food can trigger a painful episode. So how do I enjoy the food I love and avoid heartburn?

Eat Less Fast Food

The first thing I did was cut down how often I eat out! I realize that’s a hard thing to do. But in the long run your stomach will thank you. Learning to eat less greasy food and enjoy a nice home-cooked meal, will go a long way in helping you to feel better.

Stop Drinking CoffeeStop Drinking Coffee. Caffeine tricks your stomach into producing a lot of gastric acid. So it’s a good idea to avoid it or drink it in moderation. Just cutting back to a 1/2 cup of coffee in the morning will have a big impact.

Stop Overeating! If you’re like me you really enjoy food. However, eating too much is one the major causes of heartburn and stomach irritation. This can solved by fixing smaller portions and learning to listen to your body when you are full. – Final Advice

These tips don’t mean you can’t enjoy a burger and fries every now and then. The trick is to eat this type of food in moderation. The second part is to try to eat more healthful food and maintain some type of balance.


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