What To Drink To Cure Heartburn


heartburnHeartburn. Most of us dread the phrase and even feel a bit uncomfortable just thinking about it. It feels exactly as it sounds when it does strike.

It isn’t completely unbearable, it’s just highly, highly agitating and it tends to stick around for far longer than we’d like.

It seems random at times, though there is always a cause. Exactly what that is can vary from person to person, and the suggestions you will see offer just as wide a variety.

Regardless of your personal background with heartburn, as such a common issue, there are many theories out there as to what the best way to deal with it actually is. Some have found success in getting over the ailment by drinking certain beverages, some of them homemade concoctions handed down over years and years of generations. Let’s go over a few of the more reputable means for kicking heartburn via drinks.

When heartburn first strikes, try drinking a glass of water that holds at least 8 ounces. Water is at its most nutritious when roughly room temperature. It goes down easier when cold, but you should only aim to keep it “cool” at best.

You already know the difference without any further explanation. In general, a healthy helping of cool, room temperature water can act against the acid build up that is causing your heartburn. It can force the acid back down into your stomach where it belongs.

drinking waterPeople hate doing so, but drinking more water is always a good idea when trying to keep your body healthy. You may want to introduce water into your daily routine, not only when you’re sick.

Cancel the “may,” as a matter of fact. Unless directed otherwise by a physician, you need to introduce water into your daily diet right now! If the water is too mild, you can concoct a home brewed tea with fennel seed, anise, and caraway.

These ingredients are highly soothing, and will sit very nicely on your stomach. Gather the ingredients from your health food store, and add them to as much as a cup of boiling water. Once it sits for 10 minutes, it will be ready to strain and ultimately drink. If you aren’t used to tea, this might not be an ideal experience for you, but the pleasant end result will be more than worth it.

In a twist that will likely make you think twice, a small (emphasis on the small) amount of vinegar can actually help with heartburn. Vinegar is very strong and nasty to most when taken straight of course, so be careful with this.

You don’t want to make yourself throw up! This approach is controversial, as vinegar is very acidic itself, and on the list of common foods that cause heartburn. If taken in a small dose however, it should be able to act without causing any further issues.

digestive systemSo, what does vinegar actually do in this case? The extra acid acts as somewhat of a shock to your system. The body recognizes it should not be taking on any more acidic content, and so the esophagus is forced to close.

Your digestive acid then stops rising up, causing an instant bit of relief to your heartburn. It must be stressed that straight vinegar is far from tasty, so it is likely going to be tough to swallow. The end result has proven effective for many however.

Regardless of how well vinegar works, you may want to consider apple cider as an easier alternative. The results are about the same and it is certainly much tastier going down.

A few tips aside from the beverages you will want to consider is to sit perfectly upright and wear loose clothing whenever you have heartburn. Any pressure from a crunched stomach or tight clothes will only make you feel worse. Your tendency to lie down when you feel bad will only serve you poorly with heartburn, as the digestive fluids in your stomach not acting properly are a leading factor behind the issue in the first place.

Also, you should also only eat lightly if at all, and avoid citrus, chocolate, soda, and spicy food. spicy foodIn the end, you should find yourself well equipped to taking a home brewed remedy approach to heartburn with all of this information.

The likes of water, root ginger, fennel seed tea, and a small amount of vinegar or apple cider may well help you to feel better.

It is worth experimenting to find whatever is right for you, as no one cares to spend any extra time with heartburn than they have to. With enough work, you will eventually get the best of heartburn and become much more equipped should it ever rear its ugly head again in the future.


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