What Juice Does Not Cause Heartburn?


Can you believe that heartburn can cause a lot of inconvenience more than you think? Some people may consider heartburn episodes a less serious condition wherein you simply feel pain and acidic tastes at times in your throat.

heart brunHowever, research shows that about 60 million people in America have experienced heartburn and the surprising fact is that these people experiences it at least once in every month!

Heartburn may not be serious to you but for some it can seriously cause discomfort as its pain can keep a person awake for the entire night.

There are cases when a person is affected in everything he or she does and can barely function for the entire day.

Yes, heartburn can really be an inconvenience. So is there any way you can do to alleviate heartburn? Or maybe you want to know what juice does not cause heartburn so you can try it too. Let’s explore deeper and find out.

Food And Heartburn

Food intake including fluids and beverages plays a big part in possibilities of heartburn. Different kinds of foods also have various effects in the body.

Food And Heartburn

There are foods that might cause harm or allergic reaction to some but will not affect the others. Heartburn is a delicate condition that should be addressed properly.

Everyone should be very particular even with the littlest details like the food and even juices that comes into the body.

For instance, what juice does not cause heartburn?

Most of the time, we tend to drink almost any types of juices from citrus juices to the most blunt taste juice. Most of us have this notion that if it’s a juice, it’s good for the health. This may be true but not all type of juice can be taken especially if you are prone to heartburn.

What Juice Does Not Cause Heartburn?

Juice is an extract that mostly produced from squeezing of fruits and vegetables. It may also come in liquid or powder form. Powdered juices are diluted in water to burst flavours.

Juices are often served cold to sooth thirst and create cooling sensation in the body. It is often sealed with essential vitamins and minerals for nutritive value.

1. Tomato Juice:


Although unripened tomatoes may produce oxalic acid, red or ripe tomatoes are rich in lycopene.

Lycopene are anti oxidants known to fight heart diseases and even certain cancer.

Therefore tomato juice can be very good for the heart as well as for the entire health status. With this in mind, you are assured that tomato juice can’t cause or can’t trigger heartburn.

2. Apple Juice:

Apple is a good source of Vitamin C and is less acidic. It has also natural antioxidant that fights various diseases.

Obviously, apple juice is another highly recommended juice to drink for it will not trigger heartburn and above all it definitely taste good!

Other sources that have less acidic contents that can be use as juices are ripe bananas, asparagus, watermelon and ripe berries. Now, have you chosen the flavour of juices that you want to drink.

Go ahead and get refreshed while figuring out what other juices does not cause heartburn.

Points To Consider Before Trying Any Juices

JuicesEveryone has a unique body make up. Heartburn varies in most cases and is triggered by various factors too.

Often foods that are absorbed by the body reflect on your physical and health condition too.

It is very important to know the different food and drinks that you have sensitivity with and are hardly digested by your body.

Being cautious is always the best solution to avoid worst conditions rather than remedies.

Before you try any of the juices, it is a must to know what juice does not cause heartburn to you. Again, juices that are best for others might have adverse effects to you.

See to it that you have no previous conditions that may trigger more acid production in your stomach such as intestinal or hyperacidity.

If you are doubtful of a certain juice, you can simply have a taste or sip and see what it’s like. See to it that juices that seem to taste like citrus should be avoided for it may trigger acidity.

Lastly, you can definitely make use of the Internet and research what are the approved juices you can take or not if you want to avoid heartburn.


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