What Causes Heartburn In People?


Heartburn affects around 60% of people in the world at any given time. The thing about heartburn is that it does not only affect a certain subset of people. It can affect anyone no matter the color, nor size.gain weight

Researchers have often thought that weight issues is the primary cause of heartburn, and it turns out that they were right.

However, it is not just overweight people that get affected by heartburn. No matter how skinny you are, you can and likely will experience heartburn.

However, if you gain weight, you are going to be more likely to experience heartburn.

The common knowledge is that when you gain weight, your fat cells expand and they end up placing more stress and weight on your actual stomach. This causes your stomach acids to get pushed up into your esophagus.

For this reason, weight gain can be one of the main causes of heartburn, and you should try to avoid it. Obviously, for other reasons, but especially because it can lead to heartburn and acid reflux problems.

What Is Heartburn?

Heartburn is basically a condition where you experience a lot of pain in the middle of your chest area. It feels as though your chest is burning because your stomach acids have risen up and affected the area.

Therefore, it is extremely painful and can cause permanent damage if left untreated. It is very important to deal with the root causes of heartburn rather than just take medication that deals with the symptoms.

How To Treat Heartburn.

In order to treat heartburn, you are going to want to deal with the cause. You do not simply want to treat the heartburn with medications. The problem with medications are that they do not deal or treat the cause.

Stops Acid RefluxThis means that you will continue to get heartburn, and it will continue to damage your throat.

You are going to get temporary relief, but the problem will not be solved. There are plenty of these types of medications on the market, and they do work for temporary relief.

The way in which you are going to successfully treat heartburn is by actually changing your diet and lifestyle.

You are going to need to ensure that you are doing everything possible in order to prevent heartburn.

This includes eating good food and not overeating bad foods that create an unbalanced pH level in your stomach. You are going to want to avoid eating foods that can contribute to heartburn.

Some of the best things that you can do for heartburn is start juicing. You want to juice foods that will balance the pH in your stomach. Some of the best foods to juice for acid reflux are; lemons, kale, greens, and aloe vera.

Lifestyle Changes.

You are going to need to change your lifestyle if you think that it is contributing to your acid reflux. The problem is, a lot of lifestyle changes can affect heartburn.

Some of the common lifestyle activities that can result in heartburn are; smoking, excess drinking of alcohol, drinking of sugary beverages, coffee consumption, and eating spicy foods. You can also experience heartburn from eating too late at night, and because of the way that you sleep.

The best way to combat acid reflux and heartburn is by sleeping with your head elevated on your pillow. This will help keep the stomach acids from entering your throat. Thus, you will avoid feeling the pain in your throat from the acid.


Another great way to combat acid reflux is to exercise and lose weight. Researchers have found that if you lose weight you are going to experience heartburn less than you would otherwise.

This means that you should begin an exercise program to try and lose weight in order to reduce instances of heartburn and become healthier overall.

Finally, when you are searching for different ways to solve your heartburn problem, you are going to want to do a lot of research. You are also going to want to discuss it with your health care professional.

You should be able to find a bunch of information on the Internet on your situations. Have you gained weight recently?

Do you practice the activities that cause heartburn? Do you eat late at night, or eat a lot of spicy food?

You should see exactly what is causing your heartburn, and that will help you come up with a solution to the problem.

You are definitely going to want to solve it or else it could lead to severe problems down the road.

One of the best ways to combat heartburn is to take calcium right after a meal. This calcium will neutralize the acid and help you experience temporary relief. However, you are going to want to combat the heartburn from its inception.


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