What Causes Acid Reflux to Occur?


There are many cases where acid reflux disease can be very difficult to handle. Part of this involves the things that cause it. The parts of what causes acid reflux have to be understood because they involve many things that might need to be controlled in order to keep the body safe. Sometimes you’ll find out about what causes acid reflux – points that have to be controlled carefully in order to keep the body comfortable.

First, smoking is a problem that often causes acid reflux to occur. Smoking can cause the muscles around the throat to wear out, thus making it harder for the body to handle its acids. There’s also the increased likelihood of the body producing more acids as a result of smoking. It is a necessity to make sure that this part of acid reflux disease is avoided in order to keep the condition from being too harsh.

In many cases acid reflux can occur as a result of lying down soon after eating. The body has to be upright in order to get its foods to move through the right way without triggering acid reflux problems. Anyone who eats a good amount of food and then lies down on one’s back right afterwards could be at risk of developing an acid issue.

Speaking of foods, some foods are more likely to cause this condition than others. Part of what causes acid reflux involves foods that are naturally acidic and tough for the body to deal with.

Some of the harmful foods that cause acid reflux due to their strong acid contents include soft drinks and other carbonated drinks, alcohol, citrus fruits with acid in them, fried foods and anything that is spicy. All of these foods will have acids in them and can be difficult to handle. People who avoid these foods may have easier times with avoiding acid reflux.

In some cases the acids in the stomach can move after the sphincter muscle is not able to work well. This muscle has to block off the acids in the body. The muscle may lose pressure after a while, thus causing acid reflux disease to occur. In some cases a minor surgical procedure may be used to fix this muscle to get it to function a little better.

People who are overweight are also more likely to develop acid reflux attacks. The stomach will suffer from more pressure if the body is overweight. This can cause the body to suffer from too much pressure and may make it easier for acids to move upwards. Therefore, a person who is overweight and suffers from acid reflux may have to work with a weight loss program to make it a little easier for the body to feel a little more comfortable.

These parts of what causes acid reflux have to be understood carefully in order to give anyone an idea of what is happening with the body and how it is being influenced. The pressure in the body, one’s habits and even one’s diet can all be factors that make this condition more prevalent.


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