What Are The Best Acid Reflux Pills?


arthritisWe all like to enjoy life to the full, and stay as healthy as we can. The problem is that so many things can go wrong with our body. We can spend years keeping fit and then discover that arthritis is starting to set in due to overuse of the joints.

A person could be eating all the healthy food that exists and yet still suffer from high blood pressure. Each human is different, and what ailments hits us depends just as much on genetics as lifestyle choice. No matter what you do, what health problems effect us is more of a lottery than anything else.

Some health issues depend on a person’s age, although possible, it is rare for anyone under the age of fifty to get dementia for instance. While babies are more prone to things like measles and chicken pox than an adult. There is one thing that can affect a person at any age, although it does only tend to start in the mid-teens once the body has finished growing and the hormones are settling down.

This problem is often called heartburn, although professional usually call it by its proper medical name, which is acid reflux. The human stomach can suffer a reflux action for a number of reasons. The most prominent way of seeing it in action is hiccuping, and it is the same action which can cause a reflux in the stomach which then results in acid being forced out.

heartburnIt is this acid which burns the unprotected lining of the skin, and is what gave it the initial name of heartburn. This name goes back a few hundred years when people thought that it was a problem with the heart.

As medical science moved on, it was soon discovered that the problem is caused by stomach acid, and has nothing to do with heart problems.When humans lived in caves, most food was eaten raw.

This meant that a lot of stomach acid was required in order to break it down into carbs, fats and proteins.These days, we now cook most of our food, and so the breaking down process has already started. We then cut up or mash our food before placing it in our mouths and chewing it. When we chew, we add saliva to the food which begins breaking it down before it even reaches the stomach.

Once we swallow it and it reaches the stomach, it is then broken down further by acid and enzymes so that the body can use it for numerous tasks. As we now cook food, it does mean that we sometimes produce more acid than we need, an evolutionary trait going back tens of thousands of years. For some people, this acid can leak into the tube between the mouth and the stomach, called the esophagus.

heart brunIt is this area of the body where the heartburn occurs. When this does happen, there can be a minor burning sensation just under the ribs.

However, for some people it can reach all the way to the throat, and it can become more of a problem than just an irritant. Having long term heartburn can end up physically damaging the esophagus.

Luckily, medical research has come to the rescue, although one of the best acid reflux pills has actually been around for decades. This pill is made from chalk, or calcium carbonate to give it the correct name. It has long been known to neutralize acid, and is perfectly safe for humans to consume.

This chemical is also included in a number of liquids which contain other products for reducing the feeling of nausea. For those people who produce a lot of acid that constantly leaks out, then products containing ranitidine can help.

heartburnOtherwise, seek medical advice as stronger drugs can be prescribed.Whether heartburn is a serious problem for a person, or just annoying, there is plenty of medication to choose from.

It is just a case of starting with the most common one and working up the list of medications, until one is found that works well. For most people, heartburn is infrequent and not a problem, for those who have it on a regular basis, a change of diet may be required.


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