We Have The Best Acid Reflux Books Down At My Bookstore!


You’ll be shocked to hear that my bookstore has just stocked some of the best acid reflux books I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

I mean, these are top of the line, medical grade books that have just blown me away and given me all sorts of ideas of what to do with my own life.

I have been taking them home one by home to give them a perusal.

If I’m working the cashier you may even see me reading these best acid reflux books at the counter. I am not shy about it.

You want to talk to me about them? I will be more than happy to chat about acid reflux! You see, I have a lot of experience with it. Let me tell you a bit about my experiences.

I have had acid reflux for a very long time now. I am afraid to eat most food these days, even the most innocuous foods, because I know my esophagus is going to be hurting for it for a few hours afterwards.

I have taken all the pills you see on TV, and I have even tried some of the surgery techniques, but very few have done anything for me.

Nothing fun in that, let me tell you. Anyway, I was so happy when these books walked into my shop because it was like a third chance to change my eating destiny.

These books have a lot of good recommendations for acid reflux friendly recipes and at home treatments.

It’s the kind of thing that makes me happy to have this chance again. The recipe book is especially amazing.

Best-Acid-Reflux-Med-300x194These are recipes that I would have never thought about making on my own. But now that I look at the ingredients, I can’t believe I never thought of them before! I am going to try so many of them that my family will be sick of them.

The other great types of books coming in are ones that you can you to open up better dialogue with your doctor.

I got to the point that that I had no idea how to talk to my doctors anymore, because nothing was doing it for me anymore.

They kept suggesting the same things over and over again, and it was starting to make me really frustrated.

You know how when you ask for someone’s opinion between red and blue and they keep saying green? It’s like that.

I am asking for an opinion between two different things, and my doctor is suggesting something else entirely.

These books I’ve got here have taught me some new ways to talk to my doctor so we’re opening up whole new lines of communication. It’s pretty brilliant.

And then of course there’s the home remedy books, that point out some great herbs and exercises to use so you can have the relief you need from your acid reflux.

I sure am not complaining about it. It’s hard to get some of these herbs around here, but some finagling at the grocery store has me finally trying some of the remedies.

They’re not doing too well at the moment, but I think I may be doing them wrong.

So come on down to my bookstore to read some of the best acid reflux books on the market.

They may sound boring now, but I guarantee that if you have acid reflux, you will be really happy with these books and what they offer.

You really have nothing to lose. I’ll even let you read them in the store without buying!



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