Acid Reflux Top Three Comparison Chart

Want relief from the pain of reflux? Put those proton pump inhibitors down and find sustainable relief, with this series of top-rated natural acid reflux treatments. Opt for the #1 product, Digestive Science Reflux Elimination System, and you’ll not only find relief from reflux, you’ll more than likely prevent your symptoms before they develop.

Digestive Science
Reflux Elimination System
Native Remedies
Stops Acid Reflux
Digestive Science Reflux System Acid Free-Flux Stops Acid Reflux
Objective Prevention and Relief Relief Only Relief Only
Efficacy Excellent Very Good Good
Ingredients Excellent Very Good Good
Product Format Three-Part System Bottle Botle
Dosage Taken 1-3 Times/Day As Required As Required
Customer Support Excellent Good Good
Cost (3 Month Supply) $237.95/System $26.63/Bottle $13.98/Bottle
Guarantee 90 Days 1 Year 30 Days
Should You Buy It? Yes Maybe Maybe