Tips For Knowing It’s Heartburn


heartburnHeartburn is not easy to diagnose when you are dealing with the symptoms. Some of the symptoms tend to mimic having a heart attack and this can throw people off.

It is a regular occurrence where people assume they are having heart attacks, but it ends up being heart burn.

There are multiple signs that indicate what you are dealing with is heartburn and nothing else. You need to get this checked out as soon as possible in order to reduce the impact it has on your body.

No Radiating Pain

When you have heartburn, you are going to feel pain, but it is not going to radiate. This means you will not feel the pain in other parts of the body. It is just going to be felt in the chest as the acid moves up the digestive system.

You are going to feel as if there is something burning inside your chest. While, this does happen during a heart attack, the pain does not shoot to the shoulders and head. It will remain in that specific area and cause a burning sensation more than anything else. If the pain is radiating, this means you are having something other than heartburn.

Feeling of Food Coming Up

food Heartburn is basically the digestive system not working as it is supposed to. This means whenever you eat a big meal, the food is going to shoot back up along with the acid that is inside the stomach.

This will be felt whenever you have heartburn. It will almost feel as if the food is coming back up and looking to exit through your mouth. If you are having a heart attack, this is not going to occur. You will just feel a certain level of tightness and pain in your chest, but it won’t feel as if something is coming up towards your mouth.

After Meals

If you have just had a big meal, it is most certainly going to be heartburn that is causing your problems in comparison to something else. Meals are often a trigger when it comes to heartburn. You have to be aware of this in order to remain healthy. If you don’t control the heartburn, it is going to continue to come specifically after meals. This does not mean heartburn cannot come at other times of the day, but it is more likely after a meal.


heart brunIf you are having heartburn, you are going to start feeling dizzy after a while. This has to do with the rush like sensation that comes with acid reflux.

The body is going to start feeling woozy and this has to do with the heartburn. You will start to feel this after a severe bout of heartburn that is refusing to go away.

This is why you have to make sure you have some type of solution in hand to take care of the pain that is being caused. Heartburn will certainly cause lightheadedness in those who don’t have a treatment in place and are just looking to fight through it.

Reaction to Antacids

Most people like to keep antacids nearby whenever they are having heartburn. This makes sure they are able to quickly notice whether it is heartburn or something more severe. If it is a heart attack, you will continue to feel the symptoms regardless of the antacids that are being consumed.

They will not cut it when it comes to heart attacks and you will need to contact medical professionals as soon as possible. This is a very simple and easy way of making sure you are dealing with heartburn and nothing else.

Heart BurnThese are just some of the signs when it comes to knowing that it is a heartburn. You have to remain diligent when it comes to these little details.

The difference is slim and the source of the pain might be in the same area which can confuse people.

Do not panic and remain focused on figuring out which symptoms are showing up and how they are interacting with one another. You don’t want to confuse one problem with another as that can lead to treating it incorrectly. It is always recommended to go to a medical professional whenever you are confused.


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