The Natural Acid Reflex Cures – The Best Tips


Have you eaten something which you shouldn’t have? It is for sure going to hit you moments after you start feeling the burning sensation in your stomach which works its way till the throat. This is the acid reflux condition which not only causes a lot of discomfort but also a lot of pain. This also leaves a bitter taste in your mouth which stays for long. When any person over eats or in some specific conditions, the foods and the acids are sent to the esophagus which is said to produce heartburn and this can at times also lead to chest pains. The pain is very intense at times and many people also mistake this to be a heart attack. If this condition repeats regularly, the esophagus can be damaged and this can lead to ulceration, scarring and inflammation too. There are various kinds of natural remedies for acid reflux which can indeed provide some instant and long term relief.

There are few natural acid reflux cures but the best way to reduce the effect of this is to maintain a proper and balanced diet. This would restrict the over production of the gastric acids. Smoking also needs to be reduced as this has also shown to increase the chances of acid reflux. The common thing with any of the natural cures for acid reflux is that they calm the tummy and also reduce the production of the gastric acids in the stomach. Any person who suffers from acid reflux need to access the diet. Finding out the foods which are taken regularly which cause the problem is the primary step which will be of good help. These are the foods which can create the imbalance inside the stomach. The acid reflux can be prevented by maintaining a balanced Hydrochloric acid in the stomach – as part of the acid reflux cures. The ordinary table salt can be replaced with a good quality sea salt. The sea salt contains chloride and other minerals which are beneficial for the body. Increase the intake of the Vitamin D, as they contain peptides which help in fighting any infection which is caused in the body. Exposure to the sun is the best natural way to acquire the Vitamin D.

One of the major reasons to opt for a natural acid reflux cure is to eliminate the complications which occur due to the usage of other medicines. Some of the natural acid reflux cures are:

Usage of Apple Cider Vinegar is quite effective and is used by many people with acid reflux. One can add 2-3 spoons of the Apple cider vinegar to water and take the same twice daily. Chewing of gum can also reduce the heartburn. This works best for instant results. Including herbs like peppermint or ginger with tea is also quite helpful in treatment of acid reflux as it improves digestion.The herb ginger can also be used in food to improve digestion.Cinnamon is an effective antiseptic and it can be chewed after having meals.Juice of Aloe Vera can also be sued to cure heartburn.Have a lot of water after every meal as this improves digestion. Milk to raw banana also helps to reduce heartburn. Intake of fruits which are good in fiber are good and improves digestion. Inclusion of carrot and cabbage in the diet is also quite helpful as these vegetables control the excessive production of acids in the stomach.

Before starting any of the natural acid reflux cures, one should also consult the doctor for proper diagnosis to help the treatment be more safe and effective.


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