The Best Way To Treat Heartburn During Pregnancy


heartburnHeartburn is a fairly common problem among expecting mothers. Almost half of pregnant women experience heartburn during their second or third trimester.

There are different causes of heartburn during pregnancy, including changing hormonal levels or the fact that the growing fetus can put pressure on the stomach.

In some rare cases, gallstones are the real reason behind heartburn. It is possible to reduce heartburn during pregnancy by making a few changes to your habits.You can reduce the pressure on your stomach by eating less. The best way to get the nutrients and vitamins you need without suffering from heartburn. You could for instance eat five smaller meals throughout the day instead of three large meals.

Plan your meals in advance to avoid overeating and make better nutritional choices. Take your time when eating. You will be more likely to suffer from heartburn if you eat your food quickly. Watching TV or being distracted when eating could cause you to eat more than you need or to eat too fast. Avoid distractions and eat slowly to stop before you are full.Foods rich in fat, spicy foods and fried foods can trigger heartburn.

Keep track of what you eat to get a better idea of which foods cause you discomfort. It is best to stay away from these foods until you give birth. If you find that you crave these foods, eat very small portions and compensate by eating foods that do not trigger heartburn during the rest of the day.

acid refluxDrinking water just before or after eating can cause acid reflux. You can prevent heartburn by drinking less water with your meals. Staying hydrated is important but you should drink between meals.

Drinking a glass of water is actually a great way to fill your stomach if you feel hungry between meals.Being constipated could cause heartburn. If you do not have regular bowel movements, make a few changes to your diet and habits.

You can prevent constipation by adding foods rich in fiber to your diet, staying hydrated and being active. Going for daily walks is a great way to avoid constipation.Wearing tight clothes could cause heartburn or cause you to feel bloated.

Purchase some comfortable maternity clothing so that your stomach area is not restricted.Do not go to bed directly after eating. You will probably suffer from heartburn if you lie down after a meal, regardless of what you ate. Try eating at least an hour before going to bed or taking a nap. Avoid eating foods that usually trigger heartburn if you are going to bed after eating, even if you were planning on eating a very small portion.

If you suffer from heartburn when you lie down, prop yourself up with some pillows. Your head and shoulders need to be higher than the rest of your body to prevent acid reflux. You can either use a few pillows or invest in a bed riser. You should wait at least an hour after eating before going to bed but you still might need to use pillows or a bed riser if you suffer from severe heartburn.

heart brunThere are a few over the counter treatments you can take against heartburn during your pregnancy. Anti-acid tablets or liquid anti-acid treatments are usually safe to use.

Taking a prescription medication might not be an option during your pregnancy. It is best to talk to your doctor about your acid reflux problem to learn more about the treatments you can safely use.

You should try taking a liquid anti-acid treatment or anti-acid tablets directly after eating to prevent heartburn.Heartburn is a common problem for expecting mothers, and getting rid of this symptom can be difficult since high estrogen levels is the most common cause.

It is possible to reduce heartburn by changing the way you eat, taking over the counter treatments, using pillows to prop yourself up in bed and avoiding tight clothes but you might not be able to completely eliminate this unpleasant symptom.You should schedule an appointment with your general practitioner if you suffer from severe heartburn.

doctorYour doctor will help you identify the different things you could do to prevent acid reflux and let you know which over the counter treatments you can safely take.Keep a journal of the foods you eat and keep track of your activities as well.

This could help you determine what triggers heartburn so that you can make a few changes to your habits. You might be more sensitive to certain foods during your pregnancy or might find that exercising too soon after eating always triggers heartburn.

Dealing with heartburn during your pregnancy can be frustrating. It is possible to reduce the severity of this symptom by focusing on preventing acid reflux but keep in mind that few women go through pregnancy without experiencing this symptom.


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