The Benefits of Choosing a Natural Heartburn Remedy


Heartburn is a common problem that plagues us all from time to time. However, if you suffer from chronic heartburn, it’s more than a little likely that it’s begun to negatively affect your life in at least minor ways. You probably second-guess whether or not to indulge in seconds at Thanksgiving or have that cup of coffee with dessert at the very least. However, finding a natural heartburn remedy that doesn’t involve taking strong medications or pumping your body full of chemicals may be able to help you learn to love life again.

Considering how health conscious the modern day consumer is becoming, it’s no surprise that more and more folks are looking past the standard solutions and considering a natural heartburn remedy instead. A natural heartburn remedy will be easier on the body, free of any side effects, and may even come attached to some added health benefits as well.

A natural heartburn remedy is often good for the entire body.

A natural heartburn remedy has a huge advantage over traditional medications right from the get-go. Since all-natural solutions tend to be much more about achieving whole body health and maintaining a positive balance for your entire system, they’re almost never band-aid solutions that only mask symptoms the way most chemical medications do. Instead, a natural heartburn remedy is going to focus on getting your entire body back to a place where heartburn no longer occurs thanks to better health overall. Your entire system benefits as a result.

Take, for instance, the most effective natural heartburn remedy of them all – a change in dietary habits. Heartburn is often a signal from your body that it isn’t happy with the foods its being fed. Foods that are too fatty, too rich, too spicy, or too acidic quite simply aren’t good for you. Heartburn could be your body’s way of telling you that you need to eat more healthfully or even lose weight. It’s also something natural that increases in frequency with age, so often dietary adjustments need to made as people transition into middle age and later old age.

A natural heartburn remedy won’t create more problems than it solves.

Natural remedies rarely come along with side effects, as they involve making use of the bounty of nature to fix the problem instead of relying on lab-created chemicals that fool with your body’s natural equilibrium and risk making the problem worse. Try adding a well-known natural heartburn remedy to your diet – like pineapple, fennel, cinnamon, or peppermint – to see if it makes a difference before simply resorting to harsher solutions.

The solutions and many like them work with your body, rather than against it. Some varieties of natural heartburn remedy (like pineapple) help to minimize the production of stomach acid while others (like fennel or cinnamon) help to get your overall digestive system back in synch, the better to avoid heartburn in the future, as well as prevent other sorts of digestive upsets from manifesting.

Try scouring the internet for interesting recipes that include these ingredients. Alternatively, try looking into a dietary supplement that acts as a natural heartburn remedy by including only pure, chemical-free ingredients.

A natural heartburn remedy presents an opportunity to learn more about your body.

Learning more about how your unique body system responds to one natural heartburn remedy or another presents an excellent opportunity to get more closely in touch with your body and learn what makes it tick. (Some solutions will work better for you than others, of course.) You’ll also find that you learn a lot about how powerful nature can be on the whole. People who are reliant on modern medicine for all their answers have no idea how powerful nature can be and a natural heartburn remedy they can trust is just the beginning of what they could discover.

You may also consider visiting your family doctor and asking for advice on how to manage your heartburn naturally and safely without medications. He or she may be able to lend some insight into the subject that will be more than a little helpful! When in doubt, it’s always best for your body to go natural and a natural heartburn remedy is no exception! Ask your doctor if there is anything specific he or she could recommend to you.


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  • Mila says:

    I do agree that natural products are always preferable when available and/or effective, but prevention is always the best. Limiting our sun exposure is always the best solution – precautions, precautions, precautions!

    • Ipah says:

      I’m 46, in good shape, not overweight, with no hrsroity of digestive or heart disease or cancer in my family. For several months, and increasingly in the last 2 months, I’ve had what feels a lot like heartburn/acid-reflux. About 5 weeks ago, I had a pain in my chest so bad around the esophagal/heart area it felt like I was having a heart attack!I don’t think it’s heart-related, but I’m just saying, the pain was that severe. I saw a family physician twice the last week of August, and he put me on nexium, for 30 days, which I just ceased taking at his recommendation, 3 days ago).Nexium LIMITED the pain, but did not eliminate it. I still had a dull ache around the esophagal area, although lessened by Nexium. My Dr said if it was acid reflux, that would definitely have eliminated it, so that eliminates that. He also tested me for the bacteria that causes ulcers, and I tested negative for that. I didn’t like taking nexium, it made me feel like I was on the edge of being incontinent, and I had loose bowel movements and headaches the whole month I was on it.My doctor initially had me on Nexium for 2 months, but said if it wasn’t helping after 30 days, I might as well discontinue it. My Dr also gave me an EKG to test for potential heart problems, and that showed no signs of heart trouble. He also did bloodwork, and the only bad sign was my cholesterol was 238, which he advised me to get down, and I’ve almost completely given up meat and dairy to make an immediate improvement in that.I’m 5 11 , 180 lbs, in good shape, with no physical problems otherwise.I usually feel indigestion and chest pain/acid-reflux-like symptoms 2 to 3 hours after I eat, and often releive the pain/pressure by pressing on points of my upper pectoralis muscles, and burping (as quietly as I can). I think it could possibly just be gas pain, but it seems my esophagus or something else is inflamed.I burp, quietly, sometimes 100, 200 or more times. And I don’t want to, but it seems to be the only thing that releives the pressure and pain, at least partially. Sometimes I press on my pectoralis points till my chest is black and blue (although not often) to releive the pressure.I work as a massage therapist, and so have a very physical job. I’m in discomfort, but so far it does not impair my ability to work. Although sometimes I’m at the upper threshold of pain I can comfortably work with.It often helps me to work rather than sit at my desk, because then I’m flexing my chest muscles, and that relieves and stretches it. I also feel frequent itching/irritation around my tonsils and the back of my throat, possibly related to irritation of my esophagus.I’ve never felt nausea, vomiting or vomiting blood, which I’ve seen are symptoms of esophagal cancer. My doctor says based on what he’s seen so far, he doesn’t think it’s heart disease or any kind of cancer. But this ongoing inflammation can’t be good.The only other health problem I have is mild allergies, although I’m extremely allergic to mold, and that can irritate my throat and make it burn, especially when air conditioning first comes on and kicks up dust in the vents. And when I’m outside near a canal or other place where mold grows abundantly. But that is largely controllable. I’m concerned because the chest pain has kicked up considerably in the last 6 weeks.I’m also currently uninsured, although I make about 30,000 annually and can for the first time in my life afford insurance. I’m concerned if I see a gastro-enterologist, he’ll just say Sorry, nothing I can do, 300 dollars please . Or if it is a serious medical condition, they’ll deny me coverage and say it’s a pre-existing condition.I also have no idea how to find a good insurance provider. Please advise me, what you think it is, and how it can be treated and eliminated. Thank you !The most persistent symptom is chest pain, centered around the third rib, just to the left of my sternum, and tightness in my chest muscles on the same point and 2-inch radius around it. For maybe a year, I only felt it after I ate, about 2 to 3 hours after eating. But the last 5 weeks, I feel it pretty much from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep, more inflamed when I eat.I notice no symptoms of fatigue or sweating to indicate heart problems. And again, I had an EKG 1 month ago that indicated no heart problems.

  • Cordy says:

    That’s a sensible answer to a challenging quesiton

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