Some Effective Treatments for Acid Reflux

In medical terminology acid reflux is known as Gastroesophageal reflux disease. Acid reflux is generally known as heartburn. It is a kind of digestive disorder and can be mild to severe differ from person to person. This is a state when digestive acid comes back from the stomach towards the esophagus. It usually happens after taking meals and the acid causes inflammation and irritation behind the breastbone. The esophagus is a food pipe which is between stomach and throat. It carries food to stomach you eat. When the reflux symptoms seem severe you must consult a physician immediately.

Apart from heartburn there are few other symptoms of acid reflux disease Such as asthma, dental destruction, Dysphagia means a condition when you find difficultly to swallow food and Regurgitation means coming up swallowed food into mouth. Acid reflux is commonly caused because of obesity, excessive use of medicines or excessive consumption of alcohol and soft drinks. If you’re suffering with acid reflux more than twice in a week, it means you’re suffering with GERD.

Acid reflux can happen to anyone at any time of the day or night. The pain caused due to acid reflux disease is extremely irritating and it can last for a few minutes to long time.

There are various treatments for acid reflux disease. But most of the people wish to go for natural cures as it has no side effects. If you want to treat acid reflux disease naturally it would take enough time to get possible outcomes. This is the reason why often people go for natural cures and to avoid long term complications that cause with the consumption of other medications. Natural treatments lower your medical cost and protects your body from harmful toxins. The proper digestion of food can prevent you from acid reflux disease. Some of the quick natural treatments to get relief from acid reflux are:The first and most important is to drink plenty of water after meals. It helps to digest swallowed food easily.

Add Aloevera juice in your diet. It aids to get rid of heartburn.

The enzymes present in pineapple is an effective cure for heartburn and also helps in the digestion process.

Apple cider vinegar is a great thing which is very effective for the treatment of acid reflux. Add 2-3 spoons in water and drink thrice in a day.

Bananas, apple, papaya and pineapple are good for health and they make the digestion process easier.

Ginger can be used in meals regularly , it helps in proper digestion.

Ginger and peppermint can be added to tea that helps in proper digestion.

Stop eating food in large quantities and avoid sleeping after taking meals.

Avoid eating spicy foods.

Add one tablespoon baking soda in a half cup water for instant relief from heartburn.
As said earlier acid reflux is a common problem and it would be easy to identify and cure. But often the symptoms are less than obvious and cannot be identified at an early stage. If heartburn disease left untreated lead to Barrett’s esophagus which is the pre stage of cancer. There are several other treatment options for acid reflux and the most common used are:

Change in Lifestyle

This is the most common and recommended method for the treatment of acid reflux because it is just a matter of changing habits to prevent from the disease such as avoiding diet that grows acid reflux, routine exercises to reduce weight, maintaining eating habits, reducing stress and stop eating before sleeping. For long lasting cure it is essential to change your personal lifestyle that will prevent you from acid reflux disease.

Conventional medicine

There are a number of medicines to treat and prevent from the flow of acid reflux. But there are mainly three types of medicines. Antacids such as tums and maalox are beneficial to those who suffer from heartburn occasionally. H2 blocker such as Zantac and pepcid regulates from producing more acid and are more powerful than antacid but only works when a patient suffers with GERD only. It will not show any positive results the people suffering with additional complications such as ulcer or Barrett’s esophagus. The medicine should be consumed when you’re suffering with frequent or severe acid reflux.

And pump inhibitors such as prilosec and nexium they works effectively at stopping the production of acids from the stomach. These traditional medicines are time taking and it is difficult to determine how long it will take to overcome the problem and moreover these medications cannot be used for long term as it releases harmful toxins and cause side effects to the body.

Different parts of plants are used for medicinal purpose in herbal treatment. These herbs are quite effective but often time taking. Herbs are commonly used in the form of fresh, dried powder, pills and tablets. While going for this treatment it is important to consult a qualified professional and seek advice regarding this specific treatment. Some of the common herbs used for the treatment of acid reflux are turmeric, ginger root, clove and many more.
The treatment for acid reflux depends on the individual and by the symptoms experiencing. There is no permanent cure for acid reflux you can only prevent from reoccurring it opting these remedies.

There are many medications sold on the market for heartburn but it is always recommended to consult a doctor before consuming any medicine for acid reflux. Because most of the times you will not come to know whether you’re facing the problem of acid reflux or any other health complication. There are few major complications of GERD such as esophageal cancer, lungs problem and stomach cancer which you might not know as the symptoms are not severe or obvious. It is advised to talk with the doctor before taking medication and you should not consume these medications more than two weeks especially when you’re not feeling better taking these medications. The prescribed medicines are better and powerful than the medication you buy over the counter. And if you’re having any medical history then you should consult the physician and discuss with them before taking any drug for acid reflux.