So What Does Heartburn Feel Like?


heartburnWe all go through life, hoping that we will stay healthy, the problem is that the human body is such a complex piece of engineering that there are many things which can go wrong with it.

You only need to look at the thickness of medical books, or the size of health websites that list all known diseases and ailments, to see that thousands of things can go wrong with the body.

Some problems are more common than others, for instance, nearly everyone will suffer from a cold virus at some point in their life, while very few will have brain tumors. What are generally common ailments tend not to be life threatening. One common health issue that most people will suffer from at some point in their life is heartburn. This is a problem that begins in the stomach.

So, what does heartburn feel like? Heartburn is not really the correct word as it gives the impression that the problem is with the heart. Although the feeling is in the same location, as the stomach and heart are near each other, they are both different organs and are not connected. The word heartburn came about a long time ago when the internal structure of the human body was not totally understand.

Acid refluxThese days, heartburn is now often referred to by its medical name; acid reflux. The sensation of acid reflux is a burning or irritating feeling between the stomach and the throat.

In most cases it occurs just above the stomach, but in extreme cases it can reach the back of the throat. This part of the body is called the esophagus and is the tube which connect the mouth to the stomach. Food is chewed and swallowed, and it then travels down the esophagus to a valve which allows it to pass through into the stomach.

This valve then closes and is designed to keep all of the stomach contents in, and not allow anything out. It is this valve which is responsible for heartburn, as it can open to allow some stomach contents out. This happens when you may have been drinking something that contains gas. The gas builds up in the stomach, and we then burp. When this happens, the valve opens in order to allow the gas to escape.

This is a normal bodily reaction, and does not cause bother with most people. However, in some cases, a burp can release some stomach acid into the esophagus, which will result in heartburn as the acid attacks the unprotected skin cells.There are a number of things which can allow stomach content and acid to release into the esophagus. One cause when it women in is pregnancy.

It can occur during the morning sickness period, and when the baby is large and is pressing up on the stomach. Another cause is obesity, this is because the fat in the body presses onto the stomach squeezing it. Eating the wrong diet can also cause heartburn, especially spicy food such as chili or a curry.

Heart BurnIt is worth writing down what was eaten prior to the heartburn occurring to see if a pattern appears. Strangely, certain exercises may cause it.

Jogging is an impact sport as each footfall causes a pressure wave that travels up the body, if that is the case then try fast walking instead.

Sports that involve quick movements and throwing the body around can also cause stomach acid to be released into the esophagus. Usually a trend can be picked up, and adjustments to the exercise regime can help reduce heartburn. Luckily, this health issue is very rarely a serious one.

In a very small number of people who do not get treatment, and suffer it for a very long period of time, it can cause long term physical damage to the esophagus. In the majority of cases, though, taking something such as calcium carbonate can be all that is required to control it.

Failing that, drugs which reduce the acid production are the next step, and these can give very good results. For most folk, heartburn only happens now and again, and so is never a major problem for them.


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