Signs of Reflux: How to detect and what are the solutions


Acid reflux is one of the most important health related problems faced by human beings these days. This is mainly due to the change in the lifestyle of people. Along with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, acid reflux has also become one of the most important diseases which have arisen due to lifestyle. Let us see what the important signs of reflux that are seen among human beings.

1) Heartburn is the most important symptom of acid reflux. But in most of the cases, heartburn is mistaken for other diseases like heart diseases. Then how to differentiate between chest pain that occurs due to heart disease and acid reflux? Heartburn due to acid reflux occurs just after the meals and in some cases, it is very severe. But if chest pain is due to heart diseases, it occurs usually after heavy work. Thus you can differentiate between two different types of heartburn.

2) Another important sign of reflux is that the chest pain worsens after rest and while taking rest also. But in case of chest pain due to heart disease, the pain stops when you are taking rest and it starts when you are working. Acid reflux chest pain worsens after heavy meals, but heart disease chest pain doesn’t show such symptoms.

3) Bitter taste in the tongue is another important one among the signs of reflux. The taste is due to the problem with your tongue, not due to the problem in food. Even if you eat sweets, you may feel it bitter because of this acid reflux. This bitter taste repeats again and again and sometimes, even if you aren’t eating anything, you may feel bitter taste on your tongue. This is the sure sign of acid reflux problem. So if you are feeling bitter taste on your tongue unnecessarily, it is time for you to go to doctor!

4) Hoarseness of throat is yet another important symptom of acid reflux. You may feel difficult to talk and in some cases, even if you talk, you may sound quite strange and your very close relatives will also be unable to recognize your voice. Sometimes you will be unable to recognize your own voice. So if your voice has changed without proper reason, acid reflux could be an important reason behind it.

5) Among the important signs of reflux, sore throat is an important symptom. In acid reflux patients, the acid and semi digested foods comes back to the throat often and that burns your esophagus. This is the most important reason for sore throat. So if you are having sore throat, go and check for acid reflux.

6) Coughing and sneezing are the important symptoms of many infections often. If you are having incessant coughs that don’t cease even after many days and continue without reason, then you need to check out for acid reflux. Acid reflux has the capacity to damage almost every internal part of your body. When the acidity in the stomach gets worsened, it leads to coughs. Check out for signs of reflux in such cases.


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