Remedies for Acid Reflux

Foods To Avoid With Acid RefluxAcid reflux takes place when food in the stomach heads back up from the stomach past the pyloric sphincter into the esophagus. The food is mostly acidic due to the chemicals released in the stomach for digestion. This will also culminate to a heart burn. There a number remedies that can be used to treat and manage acid reflux. Here are a number of Remedies for acid reflux.

Drink a lot of water if you feel like the acid reflux is about to occur. One big glass will do the trick. This will wash down any acidity rising from the stomach. If one glass does not fizzle out the pain, take another glass until the pain stops. Ensure that you drink the water in a gulp so as to wash down the acidity effectively. This is a great way to deal with acid reflux especially in public places where you may have nothing else but water in your hands or around.

Saliva will more often than not be your closest help when it comes to acid reflux remedies. Yu will need to swallow a lot of it to wash down any acidity from the esophagus. This will help wash down and cool down the throat effectively dealing with the acidity. It will also deal with heartburns effectively.

It is a fact that apples will keep the doctor away in this case scenario. Apples can be eaten after every meal to deal with acid reflux making them one of the most effective acid reflux remedies. They are high in pectin which deals with excess acidity in the stomach by binding it up. Apple juice will be faster and more effective as long as the juice is fresh. You will need to avoid any citric fruits when dealing with acid reflux. Not all fruits will work when you have acid reflux. Citrus fruits especially will aggravate the situation. This is because they contain some levels of acidity in them too.

One of the best ways to deal with acid reflux is neutralize the situation. Raw vegetables are alkaline in nature which works well to reduce the levels of acidity in the stomach. These can be eaten as a salad or blended for instant relief. You can drink glass and lower your acidity levels in the stomach fizzing out the pain instantly. Vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, celery, zucchinis and beetroots will work miracles for you. You can combine the vegetables with a pinch of salt if you are doing a salad. This will not harm you but serve to cool down the reflux situation. A handful of marjoram and fresh basil with some grated ginger in the juice will go further to calm the effects of acid reflux.

Olives are a great remedy for acid reflux. These are natural oil fruits that can be eaten whole or drank as oil in the case of olive oil. The oil is a natural alkali that also soothes the throat creating a protective layer. This lawyer protects the esophagus when acid reflux takes place reducing the effects of burning on the throat. Some people will prefer eating olives while others will prefer taking a teaspoonful of olive oil for faster action. These are a good way to go if you can afford them both.

Chamomile tea comes with features that will do more than heal acid reflux. The herbal tea comes with antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that are ideal for the body. It is also a relaxing agent which works well to relieve stress. You can take a cup of this tea before bedtime and in the morning. You can also take the tea in case you experience signs of acid reflux. The tea can be boiled and let to cool down if you do not like it hot. The chamomile teabags can also be used to whip up cold chamomile tea which will still serve the purpose. These bags can be carried to work if you experience these symptoms even at work.

Ginger can also be used as one of the remedies for acid reflux. The ginger root can be boiled or chewed raw in case you experience heartburn of sins of acid reflux. The ginger is simply chopped up or ground and boiled in water to make some ginger root tea. Cold ginger tea will do the trick at home giving your stomach and throat a lot of relief. You can mix some ground ginger with about 100ml of water or make a glass of the same in case you do not want to make tea. The raw form will work the same way but will be a little bitter to chew. This is still better than acid reflux at the end of the day. This is a simple remedy that can be tried at home.

Plain yellow mustard can also be eaten to deal with acid reflux. A teaspoonful of normal mustard will relieve pain. It can also be mixed with 100ml of water and gulped down quickly. This is advisable if the mustard is too hot for you. This will wash all the acidity out of the esophagus providing much needed relief to your throat.

Pickles and pickle juice will also work wonders. Take a sip of pickle juice and try a few pickles to deal with the reflux situation. Do not be afraid to take a few sips through the day to wash down any acidity in the throat. This is probably the best remedy and is guaranteed to deal with heartburn and reflux almost immediately. It is one of the most reliable remedies for acid reflux.

Acid reflux can also be dealt with ample rest. One of the biggest causatives of acidity is stress. Whether you are experiencing stress at work or at home, you will need to kick back and relax once in a while. Many people that suffer acid reflux will have a stressful day. Stress will also aggravate the situation when is caused by anything else. The simplest remedy among all this is a good rest.