Is Kiwi Good For Heartburn?


heartburnSometimes, due to too much craving for comfort, especially when experiencing heartburn repeatedly, you tend to discover unconventional cures.

Such as fruits and herbs. Often, this initiative brings you many benefits and assurance of relief.

Regardless, if you uncover this remedy accidentally, what is important is that you have a good source of treatment to rely on effectively. Can you name some of them? Is kiwi good for heartburn?

Nature’s Healing Potential

Nature always has its own ways to fascinate you. It can provide you with your basic needs, and at the same time a number of remedies for various health problems. It has plenty of essential elements and natural chemicals that are edible and fit for consumption.

Usually, these natural nutrients maximize their potential to heal when they breakdown into their simplest form and absorbed by the body. Do fruits like kiwi help heartburn? Is kiwi good for heartburn?

Kiwi: What’s in a Fruit?

kiwiFruits are very nutritious, because they are rich with vitamins and minerals, just like kiwi. Kiwi is a tiny fleshy fruit with a juicy taste and sweet smell. It belongs to the family of berries.

It is oval in shape, average in size, like a golf ball and has brownish skin. You can actually eat everything with this fruit. You may also cook or convert it into one form to another just like jam, juice or the main ingredients in a mouth-watering casserole.

This fruit grows abundantly in tropical countries. It has a woody vine that crawls freely in well-irrigated soil. It starts to bear delicious fruits within a year of cultivation, but diminishes in fruit production as it gets older. It is also self-pollinating plant, so it doesn’t require any special attention to live longer and produce fruits in the field. Can this fruit also stand with the pre-requisites of treating heartburn? Is kiwi good for heartburn?

Kiwi retains its nutritional value regardless of its state. Aside from its fresh taste, you can be sure that it is naturally pure and preserves all its nutrients. However, kiwi may contain allergens, like actinidain and calcium oxalate that may trigger some allergic reactions in your body. In these regards, understanding your body composition can be a great help to determine if you are capable of eating kiwi.

First Aid For Having Allergies With Kiwifruit

doctorFurthermore, if in case you tried it and experience unfavorable reaction, immediately stop consuming kiwifruit and seek for immediate help from your doctor. You may also take an antihistamine, but make sure that you follow proper dosage.

Nutrients From Kiwifruit

Kiwi is miniature fruit that makes a nice snack, but people also use it as regimen to ease health issues, such as heartburn. It contain lots of major nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are believe to strengthen the immune system at the same time rejuvenate the total wellness of the body. It also fights some ailments, and even serious diseases, like cancer.

* Vitamin C ‘ Kiwi is a generous source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is your natural protection against harmful bacteria and viruses, like flu and gastroenteritis. This vitamin rapidly repairs your damage bone and tissues, too. In addition, it helps stops the flow of blood from wounds cause by accidents, surgical procedures or removal of teeth.

Vitamin E* Vitamin E ‘ Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant in the body. A fat-soluble compound, it offers many benefits to the body. It also produces natural oils that help restore the structure of the skin, as well as enhance the health of your eyes.

In addition, it makes your hair grow strong and long. Another, it aids in the process of cell renewal at the same time boost your brain activity.

* Dietary Fiber ‘ Dietary fiber consists of two types. Fiber that is insoluble in water, and fat-soluble fiber. It is an important component of kiwi, which aids in proper digestion. Fiber is also good for the heart. It also helps during absorption, wherein it can successfully bind all other vital nutrients ready to be utilized by the body. Furthermore, dietary fibers are famous for their laxative effect, which helps flushes toxins and other fecal residues in the stomach.

* Fatty Acids ‘ These essential acids are in kiwifruit. Fatty acids such as omega-3 and alpha-linoleic acid are useful in the body. They help you sustain energy, and at the same time, act as anti-inflammatory agents. Fatty acid also assists in maintaining good blood flow and inhibits blood clots. It also lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.

proteins* Protein ‘ This nutrient acts as a building block of the body. It is the main conductor of activities carried out from the genes. It also strengthens muscles and helps the body to survive even when starving.

Your body converts it into its simplest form and then it fuels the body further. Protein is indeed a life-supporting nutrient that is present in the kiwifruit.

Kiwi The Wonder Fruit

The many nutrients in kiwi are indeed impressive. These are major reasons why kiwi is a wonder fruit. Packed with major nutrients and other minor elements, they complement each other to heighten the healing ability of the kiwi fruit. These nutrients may not have direct impact with heartburn or scientifically proven, but what is constant is that all these nutrients have qualified features that can treat this condition. Is kiwi good for heartburn? Yes it is.


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