Identifying Symptoms of Acid Reflux

symptoms of acid refluxIt is quite surprising to know the fact that 7 million people in USA have been affected by acid reflux. In medical science, it is called gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD which occurs when stomach fluids move up into the esophagus. This situation leads to inflammation and irritation of the esophagus tissues. As the result, people with this condition will experience some symptoms of acid reflux. Basically, it is not serious disease. It is fairly common. However, it turns to be more serious when the tissues of the esophagus get damaged.

The first and probably the most common symptom of this disease experienced by the patients is burning sensation. They will feel that some parts of their body get burned. Commonly, these parts of the body are stomach and throat. Nevertheless, it possibly occurs that this burning sensation is felt in the chest area. Medical experts call this burning sensation as heartburn since heartburn has been known in term of producing a burning sensation. The experts have reported that this symptom is mostly experienced by adults.

Besides creating a burning sensation, acid reflux leads to a regurgitation sensation as well. Sometimes, it is signed by a sour taste in the patients’ mouth. This symptom is a sign that the patients have a serious problem of acid reflux. This symptom is usually experienced when they have had a meal. Stomach acids and undigested food become two main causes of a regurgitation sensation. They are regurgitated up esophagus. This is one of serious symptoms of acid reflux. Seeing to the doctor is recommended in this situation in order to avoid further serious problems.

Some symptoms of acid reflux are accompanied by the other symptoms. However, there is a symptom which is not influenced by the existence of certain symptoms. It is an abdominal pain. Patients might not feel a burning sensation as an attribute of acid reflux. Actually, those suffering from acid reflux also develop dyspepsia. This is a syndrome which leads to some symptoms for instance an abdominal pain. Therefore, it can be concluded that an abdominal pain is considered as another symptom of acid reflux. Based on the medical research, it is not only an abdominal pain as a symptom of dyspepsia. The other symptoms are unusual bloating and burping.

Larynx is a part of the human’s body which can get inflammation. This is called laryngitis. Laryngitis becomes one of symptoms of acid reflux. Besides suffering the larynx, this inflammation affects in certain area which surrounds the voice box as well. This inflammation makes the patients incapable to speak loudly. They whisper instead of speak. However, it is only a serious effect of larynx. In the most common case, voice hoarseness occurs. Mostly, patients’ voice turns to be hoarse. The voice hoarseness is caused by enzymes containing in stomach acid which is flown back into esophagus. These enzymes break their tissues down. As the result, it damages the throat.

Wheezing could be another symptom of this disease. It occurs when air is flowing through narrowed breathing tube. Therefore, this symptom usually happens while breathing. It is a whistling sound heard during breathing. When people have inflammation because of acid reflux, the bronchial tubes change to narrow. It makes their breathing sound whistling. This symptom has to be considered as a more serious sign of this disease when it is accompanied with short breath. When their breath becomes short, they will not have sufficient oxygen required by their body. Even, lack of oxygen might lead them to coma or death. Medical treatment is highly needed in order to avoid these bad conditions.

For some people, cough is usual and non-serious kind of disease. However, they will make up their mind when they know that this is included as one of symptoms of acid reflux. Chronic cough occurs when acid reflux cannot be controlled any more. The proper medication that can be taken in this situation is by preventing the stomach acid flowing into the esophagus. This prevention can avoid the stomach acid flowing to the throat as well. With this medication, cough will be effectively treated.

These two symptoms are symptoms which are usually experienced by the patients together. They are nausea and vomiting. Nausea is regarded as a feeling of queasiness. Fortunately, not all patients feel this symptom. It is only experienced by those who don’t experience harsh heartburn. Meanwhile, vomiting is further symptom of nausea. Commonly, people with nausea will experience vomiting as well. From the medical research, it can be noticed that women will have nausea and vomiting symptom than men. It could be caused by their natural different health condition.

It has been noticed that acid reflux causes voice hoarseness due to particular enzymes coming to the throat. Besides, it can make people have difficulty to swallow. When they eat food, they will feel difficult to swallow it. Even, pain is frequently felt when they are swallowing food. In this condition, it is well-suggested that the patients eat soft food such as porridge. It is better that they stop consuming certain drinking such as coffee. Similar to voice hoarseness, this symptom can only be stopped by preventing the esophagus from the stomach acid. This acid is a primarily cause of this symptom. When the treatment is not obtained soon, it is quite possible that patients will have some other bad healthy conditions. When they have a swallowing trouble, their appetite might be gone. As the result, their body cannot get enough supply of energy from the food. That is why this symptom needs to be treated soon.

These are some common symptoms of acid reflux experienced by the patients. It has to be understood that this disease occurs regardless the age and sex. It means that both man and woman possibly experience this disease. Besides, it is not only adult that is affected by this disease. Kids or even newborns can suffer from it. This disease seems to be trivial. Nevertheless, it can direct to some chronic unhealthy condition. Therefore, there is no way except seeing to the doctor when people find one of those symptoms.