How to reduce your heartburn and acid reflux symptoms while you are pregnant


Many women who have never suffered from heartburn or acid reflux begin to do so during their pregnancy. If this has begun to happen to you, do not be surprised. It is very common and will likely go away once your baby is born. Fortunately, you do not have to wait that long to get relief. If you would like to find some new ways to reduce your acid reflux symptoms, you should read the article that follows below.

Avoid eating shortly before you go to bed. When you do this your stomach is more likely to allow your food to work its way up your esophagus due to the fact that you are lying down. Instead, try to avoid eating at least two hours before you go to bed. You will definitely notice a huge difference if you had been breaking this rule previously.

Drink milk with your meals. Milk is a base and can counter the acids that usually lead to heartburn and acid reflux. One eight ounce glass should be enough to do the job, and it comes with an added benefit. Milk is full of good fats, calcium and other vitamins that your body needs to support a healthy baby.

You may have to alter your diet to avoid having heartburn or acid reflux. There are some foods that are so high in acid that they can cause problems for those that are completely healthy otherwise. Some common foods that can cause heartburn include pizza, spaghetti and other foods that are made from a tomato sauce. You may need to avoid acidic fruits as well. Fruits like oranges, lemons and limes can increase the acid levels in your stomach, resulting in an attack. You can easily find a list of foods high in acids online if you continue to suspect your diet to be the root of your problem.

Do not overeat. You stomach has far less room than it did before due to your growling baby. There is also more pressure than ever on your intestines. To give your digestive system a break, you should eat only moderate amounts at a time. This way you body has enough room to process what you consume, which reduces your risk of irritating your stomach. If you feel hungry shortly after each meal, it is okay to snack. Just make sure that you give your body a little time in between meals and snacks to digest what you eat.

Go for a walk after each meal. This can help your body to speed up the digestive process. Exercise promotes digestive health and is more important than ever when you are pregnant. If you find that nothing else helps, this may just be exactly the tip that you needed to be comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

Even though it may be hard at first, a little change can go a long way to feeling great while you are pregnant. If you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux, you have no excuse not to give the great tips above a try.


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