How to Reduce Infant Acid Reflux Problem Among Babies


Acid reflux among infants is a common disease that is found in more than 25 percent of babies at different level of severity. It is caused due to various reasons ranging from mild to severe condition. Infant acid reflux of mild nature can be observed easily through the symptoms of frequent spitting up without any pain whereas in severe condition symptoms of frequent waking up at night due to colic abdominal pain are usually observed.

One must be aware of mechanics of gastro-esophgeal reflux (GER) or infant acid reflux before making a feeding strategy during this problem. The stomach of an infant is separated from the esophagus by a circular band of muscles known as lower esophageal sphincter (LES) which helps in transmitting the contents from the stomach including acids back to the esophagus after feeding the baby. It works as a one way valve. The immaturity of esophagus in some infants cause backing up of digested contents along with acids from the stomach to esophagus causing irritation in it and pain due to acid reflux is experienced by the baby, which is commonly known as heartburn in adults.

The problem of infant acid reflux is normally found in babies during six to nine months of age. This is the period when he spends most of his time in upright position which automatically helps in reducing the problem. Doctors usually prescribe some medications to reduce the production of acid content if your baby is experiencing the problem of severe acid reflexes. But acid reflux among babies can also be reduced by various methods of feeding and holding them. Some tips in this regard are given in this article for your reference.

Reducing the infant acid reflux

Position your infant upright during and after feeding him which is the key position for him if he is suffering with acid reflux problem. It will help in stopping the transfer of stomach contents and acids to his esophagus. Even after feeding him you should keep him in upright position in your lap resting his head with your chest for at least half an hour.

Give small feeds frequently to your baby as it will help him to digest the feed faster than full stomach feeds. It will reduce the chances of backing up of digested contents and acids to the esophagus causing infant acid reflux.

Feed easily digestible milk to your baby. Though breast feeding is the best option for feeding your infant but if in any case you have to feed him with other milk then it should be easily digestible by him. Though mother milk has many benefits over formula feeds but in certain conditions when adequate breast feed is not available or does not suit the baby then you will have to choose formula feeds. You should consult your doctor for his recommendation for formula feed suitable to your baby.

Thus, you should position your baby suitably before and after feeding him if he is suffering from the problem of infant acid reflux.


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