How Do You Prevent Heartburn And Still Enjoy Eating?


Acid RefluxSitting down to a great meal is one of the greatest pleasures in life for many of us, so if you frequently deal with heartburn, you can be left very unhappy about it!

Not only do you suffer with the persistent symptoms of discomfort, gas and indigestion, you are very often left unable to enjoy your favorite foods.

So how do you prevent heartburn and still enjoy eating? Very carefully…

Slow Down A Little

Eating too fast can cause anyone to have heartburn, because your digestive system simply wasn’t built to take a mass of incoming food all at once.

Make a point of pausing between bites by putting your fork down frequently, and trying to add more conversation to the mix.

If you feel particularly famished before a meal, enjoy a tall glass of water to take the edge off of your hunger.

Allow yourself a few minutes to feel as full as you really are when eating too, because most of us keep going long past the point of actually satisfying our basic hunger.

Eat Less More Often Rather Than A Lot At Once

More and more medical experts are recommending that people who suffer with heartburn enjoy frequent smaller meals throughout the day, instead of sitting down to one big meal.

While scheduling conflicts and location may interfere with your ability to practice this method of eating, it’s important that you try and keep a little bit of food in your system at all times.

This keeps the digestive process running smoothly, can help to regulate glucose levels and stabilize metabolism. All of which will work in your favor when it comes to irritating heartburn.

Find New Flavors To Spice Old Favorites

Instead of reaching for the spices that you know will kick up stomach trouble, try different combinations of foods, like mixing vegetables, and milder methods of adding flavor, such as plain broths.

New ways of preparing food can help keep them interesting and delicious, while still being mindful of your heartburn issues.

Get creative about your approach to cooking, because you deserve to love the foods you eat just as much as people who have no heartburn episodes!

Buy a cookbook specifically written for heartburn sufferers, and add your own touch to the different dishes you can whip up.

Be sure and read the labels on everything you put in meals, to ensure that they don’t contain hidden ingredients that can kick up a storm with your insides.

Also, make a note of which foods are easier to digest, so that you can get into the habit of using them more often in your kitchen.

Always Avoid The Known Instigators Of Heartburn

Summer-Acid-Reflux-InstigatWhile people can differ considerably in what creates heartburn problems for them, there are many foods that we know to be problematic and that should be avoided.

These include citrus, tomatoes, garlic, onion, chili pepper seasonings, peppermint, caffeine and alcohol.

The list may be longer or shorter for you, but the general warnings apply to most people who experience heartburn on a regular basis.

Also, most people report indigestion issues with foods that contain a lot of fat, so watch out for those as well.

Consider Slimming Down A Bit If Necessary

How do you prevent heartburn that persists, even when you are eating properly? For many, the answer to this question is to shed a few pounds.

If you think about human anatomy, then add extra weight in the middle, it’s easy to see how being overweight can adversely impact the entire digestive system.

Pressure is applied right where the opening of the stomach meets the lower esophagus, thereby wreaking havoc every time you eat!

Ask your doctor about the best ways to lose the necessary weight, and just keep trying to eat healthier for your heartburn too, as that should contribute to some weight loss if done so correctly.

Work On Ways To Control Or Eliminate Stress

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you eat: You will suffer serious digestive repercussions if you are severely stressed out.

Stress not only releases different hormones within your stomach, it can cause the various muscles throughout your digestive system to contract abnormally.

This can result in the worst case scenario, so find ways to avoid and alleviate the stress in your life as soon as possible.

Meditation, music or moderate exercise can be great starting points to dealing with harmful stress, but ask your physician if you feel it’s become a burden on your body.

Don’t Do Any Nibbling Before Bedtime

When you lay down, gravity tends to get to work on your last meal, transporting it all over the digestive track.

This often means stomach acid can find its way up to your throat, causing discomfort, belching and a burning sensation in your throat.

For this reason, it’s best if you avoid eating anything within three hours of going to bed.

How do you prevent heartburn and still enjoy eating all of your favorite foods in unlimited quantities? You don’t, obviously.

What you do is learn to eat in moderation and modify your way of eating without limiting yourself to the extent that you feel like you’re in food prison.

Think twice before reaching for any foods that can aggravate or contribute to heartburn, and find alternatives that still hold appeal for you.

You should end up not just eliminating the heartburn triggers in your life, but also becoming a lot healthier for it too!



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