Home Remedies For Heartburn

To access the best remedies for heartburn, you don`t need to spend a fortune on expensive, holistic preparations from the health food store (or on medications from your own local pharmacy). In almost every case, a trip to a typical grocery store will give you access to incredible ingredients that offer soothing, anti-heartburn benefits at a very attractive price.

If you’re interested in treating your heartburn condition without over-the-counter remedies (such as antacids) or prescription medications (such as Pepcid), you`ll enjoy this quick guide to some effective and inexpensive home remedies for heartburn.

Baking Soda Formulas Are Great Alternative Remedies for Heartburn

Baking soda costs just dollars per box (or jar) in the baking aisle of your local grocery store, but it`s worth its weight in gold when it comes to relieving the painful and annoying symptoms of heartburn. As far as home remedies for heartburn go, baking soda is near the top of the pile, because it zaps the acids that cause uncomfortable acid reflux (heartburn). By adding a little baking soda to basic H2O, you`ll create a fizzy beverage that is a potent cure for even your worst heartburn symptoms.

Bananas are Cheap and Effective Home Remedies for Heartburn

Bananas don’t cost much, they’re great for your health, and they also function as home remedies for heartburn. By eating a banana when you begin to experience the characteristic “burning feeling” of painful acid reflux, you’ll neutralize the acids that irritate your stomach and esophagus. This benefit will occur whether you ingest dried bananas or fresh ones.

Using bananas in recipes may also be a great idea, so feel free to experiment with banana bread recipes, banana muffin recipes, or other recipes that feature this yellow fruit. While eating a fresh banana that you’ve just peeled is probably the quickest, most effective way to enjoy the acid-neutralizing power of bananas, you may want to get creative and add bananas to a host of dishes, including fresh and tasty fruit salads.

Chamomile Tea is one of the Best Remedies for Heartburn

Herbal teas are delicious and soothing, and one of these teas in particular, Chamomile tea, is known for its powerful antacid properties. Instead of popping OTC antacids that cost a lot and aren’t strictly natural, why not go herbal by brewing up a therapeutic pot of antacid Chamomile tea?

Usually, effective home remedies of this nature are available for just dollars per box of tea, so they represent great value for your money. The best Chamomile home remedies for acid reflux will be organic and one hundred percent natural. Examples of popular tea making companies who offer this special type of herbal tea include Stash, Lipton and Celestial Seasonings. However, it is also possible to grow your own Chamomile and then create your own dried teas or infusions. If you’ve got a green thumb, why not give it a try?

If you’re used to having a cocktail instead of a cup of comforting herbal tea, you may be making your heartburn worse. In particular, eating meals while imbibing alcohol is known to trigger some nasty and totally unwanted episodes of heartburn; sometimes, the very best home remedies for heartburn are learning what to stay away from. After all, giving up the trigger foods and drinks that aggravate heartburn costs you nothing at all, and it may save you from having to use other treatments to neutralize your stomach acid.

So, there is great value in learning about heartburn triggers and then avoiding them. Herbal tea made with soothing Chamomile may not have the kick of a good glass of red, but it won’t cause you heartburn pain later on, either. Many people with chronic or sporadic heartburn soon adjust to dietary and lifestyle changes and are simply grateful that leaving certain foods and habits behind works to relieve their symptoms. Quitting smoking is also a great way to avoid heartburn, while also avoiding a host of other health issues. Smokers are more likely to have acid reflux, so butting out should be priority one.

Now that you know some terrific and cost-effective remedies for heartburn, you’ll be ready to hit the grocery store and treat your acid reflux condition with a variety of natural ingredients. This alternative strategy may alleviate even the most troublesome heartburn symptoms, and it’s so gentle to your body.


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    If you’re lokoing to buy these articles make it way easier.

    • Lovely says:

      it was all in my head and i just had a lot of congestion, no sinus infotcien. He gave me a anti-biotic. Well the next day i threw up as soon as i woke up and walked down stairs i started to feel EXTREMELY nauseated, not to mention very tired (wanting to go to bed around 8:30, very unnormal for me!) and very gassy! Well starting about the day before yesterday i felt heartburn on and off ALL DAY LONG, and i know it wasnt anything i had eaten because i didnt eat nothing spicy, matter of fact i barley ate anything at all. Yesterday i began to have diarrhea, and have still been feeling lightheaded. I looked up online that you can be lightheaded in early pregnancy, but i didnt understand the whole diarrhea thing because it says you get constipated, which i have been that too. Tonite i am as a matter of fact.. (sorry if tmi!).But i would be about 4 weeks if i am pregnant. But i dont wanna take a test yet cause im scared it will be a big negitive! So ima wait and see if maybe i start, and if not ima wait a few or so and take a test! I would just like to know if anyone has experianced any of this with their early pregnancy and if so how long did this lightheaded thing last, its driving me nuts! Haha Thx !

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