Heartburn Triggers: Can Alcohol Give You Heartburn?


spicy foodMillions of people are suffering from heartburn. It is a symptom to acid reflux, and is usually characterized with a burning sensation in the chest area.

Heartburn happens when the stomach acid goes up and reaches the esophagus. There are several causes of heartburn.

This is the reason why people are wondering, can alcohol give you heartburn? Does eating a spicy food cause heartburn? These are just some of the concerns by people who frequently experience heartburn, but do not know the cause.

The Common Causes of Heartburn

There are several reasons why an individual suffers from heartburn. Among these reasons though are your eating habits and food choices. If you usually eat a lot or eat nonstop, then expect to experience heartburn after a while. The food you are eating can also trigger heartburn. Some of the foods you need to start avoiding include fatty or fried foods, as well as spicy foods.

heartburnSome exercises also trigger heartburn. These include stomach crunches and other abdominal area workouts.

Since these activities generally involve thrusting motions in the abdominal area, doing it can cause the stomach acid to go up to the esophagus.

Hence, make sure to avoid doing these exercises, especially right after eating. Wait at least two to three hours before attempting them.

Certain activities can also lead to acid reflux and heartburn. One is through eating just before bedtime. There are people who usually eat their dinner and directly go to bed afterwards. This is actually a bad habit, since it can trigger heartburn. In order to prevent it from happening, make sure to eat two hours before heading for bed.

Can Alcohol Give You Heartburn?

A lot of people are wondering, can alcohol give you heartburn? Yes, it can. You should take note, one of the leading causes of heartburn is alcohol. Even the occasional glass of wine can already cause you hours of heartburn. This might have left you asking, “Why does alcohol cause heartburn?”

alchoalThere is no question that alcohol can cause heartburn, and there are many reasons supporting this fact. For one, it does not help decrease the production of acid in the stomach.

In fact, it is only increases it. Hence, it is no longer surprising why you feel the burning sensation hours after drinking a can of beer.

Another reason why alcohol triggers heartburn is opens up the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). For those who do not know, this is the passage in the throat where food and drinks usually pass as they move towards the intestines. It only opens up when foods are being passed down, so it is often closed when you are not eating.

However, if you drink alcohol, this muscle relaxes and releases. This prompts the acid in the stomach to go up and reach the esophagus, causing heartburn. Alcohol will also make your stomach extra sensitive to the acid your stomach produces. You get to experience all this for simply drinking a can of beer or a glass of red wine.

When you consider the consequence, which is hours of suffering because of heartburn, it is not worth it. However, what happens during office gatherings? Surely, you cannot simply sit there without participating in the drinking sessions.

Ways to Lessen Heartburn When Drinking Alcohol

One of the effective ways to ensure you will not suffer from heartburn after drinking alcohol is to dilute it with water. It might not taste good, especially if you are used to drinking stronger beverages, but it can help. If you want to make it taste better, then choose to drink a glass of club soda, instead.

White WineNext, choose white wine when going out to a fancy restaurant. If you are given the option to choose, make sure to go for white. White wine is less acidic compared to red wine. In fact, choose for a non-alcoholic drink altogether.

Always drink in moderation. If you have no choice but to drink beer, make sure to limit your consumption to two glasses. Meanwhile, only drink 16 ounces of wine at most, and only two glasses of mixed drinks.

There is no guarantee that you will not experience heartburn through this though. However, the burning sensation should be much less severe.

Other Remedies for Heartburn

If alcohol is not the only reason why you are suffering from heartburn, then you need to address them, as well. Make sure to find the foods that can trigger it by keeping a diary of the foods you eat every meal, every day for a month or two. This will make it easier for you to identify the trigger foods you have.

Eat in small portions. This will allow your stomach to digest your foods better, and will help your LES to close properly. It is suggested to have five to six small meals every day instead of having three full meals. In addition, take your time eating. Avoid lying down after eating since it will make it harder for your stomach to digest the food you have just eaten.

doctorIf you have been having problems sleeping because of heartburn, then you should try adding an extra pillow or raising the head of your bed a couple of inches, so your head and shoulders are inclined.

This will prevent your stomach acid from going up, since it reduces the pressure on your stomach. Remember, your doctor is your best ally when it comes to heartburn.

Make sure to go for regular checkups and follow their advice carefully. You can avoid heartburn altogether by living a healthy lifestyle.


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