Heartburn During Pregnancy


pregnant momThe body of pregnant moms-to-be undergo a lot of changes during pregnancy. They experience a lot of things for the first time during pregnancy.

Heartburn is one such thing that is experienced by most of the women for the first time only during pregnancy. There are multiple causes of acid indigestion that lead to a burning sensation during the pregnancy.

Can Being Pregnant Cause Heartburn?

The placenta inside the body produces progesterone hormone during pregnancy. It is needed to relax the uterus muscles during the pregnancy. However, in addition to relaxing the smooth muscles in the uterus, this hormone also leads to relaxation of the valve that keeps the esophagus safe from the stomach acid.

When this valve gets relaxed, it is unable to keep the esophagus safe from the stomach acid. It allows the stomach acid to spill into the esophagus leading to heartburn sensation. Another reason of heartburn during pregnancy is the additional pressure generated by the growing uterus.

heartburnThis puts increased pressure on the valve that keeps the acid inside the stomach. Heartburn symptoms are most common during the third trimester as the presence of this.

Hormone leads to sluggish digestion which in turn leads to food being present in the stomach for longer period thus leading to excessive acid production.

Things You Need to Know about Heartburn during Pregnancy

It is almost impossible to prevent heartburn during pregnancy. Every woman suffers from heartburn during pregnancy. However, the good news is that these heartburn symptoms simply go away after childbirth.

Therefore, women do not need to worry about these heartburn symptoms after childbirth. Also, there are a number of measures that can be taken to help manage and control the heartburn symptoms during pregnancy.

Tips to Control Heartburn Symptoms during Pregnancy

There are a number of things that you can do to control the heartburn symptoms when you are pregnant. Here are a few of the tips to control and treat heartburn.

Eat Small Meals on a Frequent Basis

women in pregnancyYou are going to eat a lot during your pregnancy. However, this does not mean that you have to eat a big meal each time you sit down to eat something.

Instead of having a big meal a few times a day, you can have small meals many times a day.

It will help in keeping your stomach from getting full thus preventing the excessive pressure generated by a full stomach.

Avoid Excessive Weight Gain

Doctors recommend weight gain within the range of 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. However, it is often seen that many women put on too much weight during pregnancy that leads to heartburn among many other complications. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your weight gain within the recommended range to minimize the heartburn symptoms.

Avoid Foods That Trigger Heartburn

spicy foodThere are a number of foods that can trigger heartburn symptoms. These foods include all kinds of spicy foods, carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, citrus fruits, chocolates, high-fat foods, alcohol, peppermint and many other such foods.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep away from these foods as much as possible. There are a number of alternatives for these foods. However, if you are unable to avoid these foods, you should try eating as low an amount as possible.

Drink Liquid between Meals

It is recommended to drink liquids between your meals instead of sipping it with your meals. This will help in putting less pressure on the stomach valve that causes heartburn sensation. Sipping liquids between the meals will give enough time to your body to empty the stomach thus preventing excessive pressure on the valve.

Wear Loose Clothes

It is important that you wear loose Clothes that help your body in breathing freely during pregnancy. Pregnancy is not the time to wear tight clothes that do not allow your body to breathe freely. Tight clothes can lead to many complications during pregnancy including heartburn sensation.

Chew Your Food

foodEnjoy your food and eat it slowly during pregnancy. Chewing your food adds a lot of saliva to it and the saliva helps in neutralizing the effect of stomach acid.

It is the first step in the digestive process and if you spend adequate time on chewing your food, your stomach will have a lot less work to do.

It means that the food will spend a lot less time in your stomach and it will also lead to production of less acid inside the stomach. Overall, it will help in lowering down the chances of heartburn symptoms.

Keep Your Head up during Night

Always try to keep your head elevated by around 6 inches when you are sleeping. This will help in preventing your stomach from putting excess pressure on the valve.

Ask Your Doctor for Medications

There are a number of over the counter medicines available in the market that help in controlling the production of stomach acid. However, you should take these medicines only after consulting your doctor.

Eat These Fruits during Pregnancy

VitaminsThere are a number of foods that offer great heartburn relief during pregnancy. Papaya is one of such foods. Almonds are also known to be a good source of calcium and they also help with digestion.

It is important to keep in mind that you won’t be able to get rid of heartburn symptoms completely during your pregnancy. However, you can definitely take the above mentioned steps to control the frequency as well as severity of heartburn symptoms.

You should consult your doctor if it happens more than twice a week as it may be the symptom of some other health issues.



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