Heartburn Diet Guide: What To Eat And To Avoid


heartburnHeartburn is a common problem that we all face at some point in life. While there are many reasons linked to having acid reflux, addressing necessary dietary and lifestyle changes might offer lasting solutions.

First, you should understand the causes of heartburn so that you can know what steps to take. In many cases, people change their diet, but food change is not the only factor that will help address the issue.

Other things such as stress and poor lifestyle choices such as drinking and smoking also play a vital role.Food experts will suggest which food to avoid and which to take if you experience regular acid reflux. However, the heartburn will not fade if you eat quickly or too much of the said foods. So, which foods should you avoid? Spicy, acidic, and fatty food should be of the least amounts in your diet if not missing in the diet.

With this in mind, some foods considered to be healthy, such as tomatoes and oranges, also make it to the list of foods to avoid. If there are certain foods that you should avoid to reduce the risk of heartburn, then there are foods that offer relief. It all depends on the understanding of all possible causes. In most cases, it is not so much of avoiding certain types of foods entirely but knowing how to find a way round.

spicy foodThe secret is opting to find other ways of cooking or preparing the foods to change them from being heartburn triggers.

Bear in mind that we have touched of spicy, fried, and high acidity in foods; so just cancel such foods from your menu. For instance, if you love meat, it can be done using other methods other than being fried.

In most cases, fried meat will also have ample spices to give it that extra savory taste, a combination that increases the risk of acid reflux. Onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes are all nice but a big NO for people who have frequent cases of heartburn.Fruits are considered a healthy addition to diets; they offer a nourishment of vitamins and some minerals.However, not all fruits will be good for people with heartburn problems.

The main types of fruits to avoid are those that are acidic, many of which have critic acid.Vegetables too can cause heartburn, but not all vegetables. The main vegetables to avoid include peppers, onions, tomatoes, and garlic. However, it all matter on how you prepare them. A dish consisting of bread and vegetable salad should be taken cautiously to ensure that the mentioned vegetables are not included in the salad.

vegetablesTaking these vegetables raw is what to avoid; it is better to cook them thus making them safe to eat. If you love vegetable and have concerns about getting the heartburn then consider taking a salad consisting of carrots, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli.

The above information goes to show that even if you have to make dietary changes and avoid certain food, it sometimes calls for changing how to prepare them or just avoid them completely.

Now that you know the foods to avoid and what to do if you much take some of them, how about knowing some foods you can take without having to worry about get heartburn?The most amazing thing is that some of the food that will be mentioned help to reduce the case of heartburn. They are food that you can eat any day if you feel hungry or feel that you need to keep your stomach acidity in check.

Watermelons and Bananas – If you are looking for fruits that help keep the stomach acidity level in check then you might want to consider taking some bananas or watermelons. These fruits are known to offer some relief if the heartburn starts.

ginger Ginger – While we have said that you need to avoid spices, but ginger one type of spice with unique medical properties. You can get ginger in also any grocery store you visit, and you can opt to prepare it in various ways.

It can be grated, sliced, or chopped to be boiled for a cup of ginger tea or added to meals. Ginger is a known effective natural remedy for a number of stomach issues and helps to reduce various issues and symptoms such as nausea.

Fishes – You need not opt to skip out on taking your favorite dish of fish. Be it prawns, lobsters, scallops, and other shellfish, you name it; they all can be a good way of having meat on your plate. You can also do fishes like salmon and tilapia. You can prepare them in various methods, just avoid frying them. Barbecue, bake, dip them in melted butter, or broil are all nice way of preparing fish.

saladSalads – Some people call is a meal served in a bowl. Not that most people know that salads are a healthy serving that can act as a detoxifier and even a cleanser depending on the ingredients.

Dealing with acid reflux will require you to consider making a bowl of salad that has fresh vegetable and fruits while avoid those earlier mentioned. You can to some slight toppings of cheese and healthy salad dressings.

Meat – If you love your plate of red meat, then the same methods mentioned in the preparation of fish are applicable to the preparations of red meat. The only issue is to avoid meat that has a lot of visible fats.


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