What is Good to Take for Heartburn: Home Remedies to Try


Acid ReflxStomach acids should never leave the confines of your stomach. In the case of acid reflux, it splashes back up to your food pipe or esophagus.

The acid will then irritate the walls of your esophagus, which causes a lot of pain to most people. This pain is what people refer to as heartburn.

Although heartburn can limit a person’s ability to do tasks, it is not hard to manage. Many people suffer from acid reflux for many years, but they managed to avoid symptoms. Many patients ask, “What’s good to take for heartburn?” If you want to manage this problem on your own, it is best that you know the effective home remedies available.

Why Do People Have Heartburn?

heart brunThe reason why acid splashes up lies in the band of muscles in the end of your food pipe. This band of muscles, also known as LES (Lower Esophageal Sphincter), prevents food from going back up to the food pipe.

The problem happens when LES is weak, or if it opens at the wrong time. Acid can also go up if you ate too much, or there is too much acid in your stomach.

When the acid reaches the walls of the food pipe, it irritates it and cause pain. The person will then feel pain in the back of the breastbone where the food pipe is located. Since the pain is close to the location of the heart, it garnered the name, “heartburn.” However, it does not have any connection to the heart.

Aside from the pain, people will feel a bitter taste in their mouths. That is the presence of acids in your throat and mouth. You might also feel nauseated and feel like food is stuck in your throat. In serious cases, the pain will spread towards the arm and the neck, and you will feel lightheaded and bloated. If this happens to you, it is best that you go to a clinic or hospital immediately.

What is Good to Take for Heartburn?

heartburnIf your heartburn is not severe, you can manage it at home. Most of the time, you will find all you need already in your home or in your local grocery store.

Changing your diet and habits is the most effective way to control heartburn. These home remedies for heartburn are also easy to follow and ideal for long-term management.

The first thing that you need to do is avoid the foods that increase acidity in the stomach. These foods include citrus fruits, chocolate and tomatoes. Caffeine also triggers heartburn, which is why it is best to avoid coffee and sodas.

Alcoholic drinks are bad for heartburn as well, and you should avoid them at all costs. Fatty foods also trigger heartburn to most people. These foods stay long in the stomach because they are hard to digest. As a result, it will increase the pressure in your stomach, which will push the acids towards the food pipe.

In preparing your diet, be sure to select foods high in fiber. According to studies, ingesting a high fiber diet can reduce your chances of triggering heartburn as much as 20 percent. Aside from that, foods with high fiber offer many health benefits.

Apple cider vinegar is also good to take for heartburn. Remember that there is no evidence saying that it does, but many people seem to find relief in drinking it. Besides this, you can drink chamomile tea. Aside from relieving stress from most people, it works great in reducing the acidity in the stomach.

banana slicesIn breakfasts, eating oatmeal is a good option. You can even add a few slices of banana to it since banana works as an antacid.

For other recipes, you can try adding ginger. Ginger not only helps in preventing heartburn, but it also helps if you feel nauseated.

You can even eat them while they are still raw, or make tea out of them. In cases where the acids irritated your food pipe, you should try drinking aloe vera juice. This herb helps in soothing the irritation in the walls of your esophagus, and it helps in speeding up the healing of the affected tissues.

Habit Changes for Banishing Heartburn

Aside from changing your diet, you need to reduce the amount of foods you eat at every meal. You need to have smaller meals to prevent increasing pressure in your stomach. You should also stand or sit upright after eating for at least two to three hours.

This can prevent acid from climbing up. While sleeping, it is ideal that you elevate your head using pillows. Heartburn often wakes up people in their sleep because they lie down flat, which is why sleeping like this is beneficial.

smokingIf you smoke, it is best that you follow measures to stop safely. Smoking relaxes the LES, which allows acids to reach the food pipe. Moreover, nicotine in cigarettes increases the production of acid.

If you are asking, what good to take for heartburn, remember that it does not work the same for all people. You need to see which works for you best and avoid those that will worsen your condition.


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