Four Major Causes Of Acid Reflux


heartburnIf you’ve ever had the feeling, especially after a large meal, that someone is sticking a knife through your chest and twisting it a little, then you probably had what is commonly called heartburn.

It can be caused by eating too much, eating foods that are spicy, exerting yourself too soon after a large meal, or even lying down after eating, which causes air to be trapped in the wrong place in your stomach.

If you seem to be having heartburn on a regular basis, about three or more times per week, then you might have a more serious problem called acid reflux. This is usually accompanied by a persistent dry cough, trouble swallowing, and a more severe pain in your chest than just regular heartburn. Let’s examine some of the causes of acid reflux, and some of solutions as well.

Over Consumption Of Alcohol Can Be A Major Cause.

If you’ve noticed that your acid reflux tends to be worse the next day after you have consumed a fair amount of alcohol, this may be a major portion of the cause. Although many people think of spicy foods as being at the root of indigestion, alcohol actually tends to be the cause more often.

Alcohol causes many different problems in the digestive track, from killing and drying the cells in your esophagus, to upsetting the acid balance in your stomach, alcohol is not really good for you.When alcohol enters your intestines, it goes on to kill huge numbers of your beneficial flora that are there to help digest, soften, and process your food for absorption, thus causing bloating, gas and possible diarrhea.

alcohol The consumption of alcohol also causes a relaxing of your esophageal muscles that affect the way you swallow, which then allows stomach acid to flow back up into the esophagus, causing damage there due to acid burns.

Many types of alcoholic beverages also cause an increase in acid production, and the carbonation of many drinks causes an excess of gas in the stomach that increases the likelihood of acid being blown up into the esophagus as you burp.

Caffeinated Sodas Can Be Double Trouble.

The carbonation in sodas is a common cause in acid reflux due to the carbon dioxide that is released causing excessive burping, which brings up acid from the stomach into the throat, where it burns the esophagus. In addition to that, many sodas contain additional acids that can cause your stomach acid to become more acidic.

And finally, as if that wasn’t enough, caffeine can sometimes stimulate the overproduction of stomach acid, making acid that is burped into the esophagus stronger and more damaging to the cells in that area. If you’ve been experiencing acid reflux, or even bouts of heartburn, it would be a good idea to cut out sodas altogether and drink plain water instead.

Many People Experience Problems After Eating Peanuts.

Acid RefluxAfter eliminating other types of problems, many acid reflux sufferers have noticed an increase in symptoms after eating peanuts.

It has been suggested that the high quantity of oil in peanuts causes an overproduction of acid in the stomach, while also relaxing the esophageal sphincter, that is supposed to close off and separate the acid of the stomach from the esophagus.

These two actions together can tend to cause bouts of acid reflux in many individuals. Research is also ongoing to determine whether a slight sensitivity to peanuts is part of the problem. At any rate, you can always eliminate them from your diet for several weeks to see if your condition gets better.

You Can Eat More Alkaline Foods To See If That Helps.

There are quite a few different kinds of foods that tend to be more alkaline, the opposite of acidic, and these can help reduce the acid content of your stomach, thus helping with acid reflux. Some foods that are considered alkaline are coconut, avocados, bananas, broccoli, raisins, potatoes, and chocolate. Foods to avoid would be cheese, coffee, meats, wine, eggs, vinegar, plums and blueberries.

smokingIt would also be advisable to not smoke cigarettes, as the ash mixes with water, or saliva in your throat, to make an acid which you then swallow into your stomach.

Additionally, nicotine can cause a slight paralysis of the esophageal sphincter making the problem even worse.

If you are just entering the beginning stages of any kind of acid reflux situation, it’s better to try and discover the root cause of problem, whether it be the food you eat, drink, or other habits, in order not to have the problem worsen in the future.


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