Finding a Natural Heartburn Remedy


Heartburn is a common problem that affects millions of people all over the world on a daily basis. It can be an incredibly intrusive problem as well. Those who suffer from chronic heartburn worry about suffering from an attack pretty much every time they sit down to a meal or attend a social gathering and some even allow heartburn to keep them from living a full life. Naturally, many would love to find a treatment that really works.

However, not everyone is keen on taking pills and would prefer to find an effective natural remedy for heartburn instead. A natural remedy for heartburn presents a much healthier alternative to simply masking the issue with drugs or band-aid solutions. They also accomplish this without nasty side effects, high price tags, or gimmicks. Plus, many of these remedies actually help nourish the entire body overall as well, often coming along with benefits the consumer never expected.

The best natural remedy for heartburn starts with a change in habits.

You’d probably be surprised at how many diseases and chronic conditions like heartburn actually stem from poor personal habits, so a search for a natural remedy for heartburn should start there. People who are overweight or lead sedentary lifestyles are that much more likely to suffer from heartburn, so now is an excellent time to think about getting in better shape. If you’re not getting the doctor recommended 30 minutes of exercise at least four days a week, it’s time to fix that. Also, limit the overall amount of time you spend sitting or reclining. Studies show that even spending more time on your feet, even if you’re not working out, can help promote healthier body functions.

Also take a look at your diet. If it’s high in spicy, fatty, junky, or acidic foods, try to eliminate or at least reduce your intake of such food. Another natural remedy for heartburn is the reduction of alcohol or coffee intake. Both alcohol and coffee come attached to high acidity levels that can exacerbate heartburn and even lead to conditions like ulcers and colitis, so any good natural remedy for heartburn will start with a reduction in intake of these substances.

Add foods to your diet that can help act as an additional natural remedy for heartburn.

Many people don’t realize the power certain foods and spices have to help, heal, and even act as medicine. When it comes to heartburn, there are several well-known options. For instance, spices like cinnamon and ginger or herbs like peppermint carry a lot of potency as part of a natural remedy for heartburn. All of them help temper any overproduction of stomach acids and soothe sore, inflamed stomach lining.

You can also try eating fennel, as it’s a natural stimulant to healthy digestion. Pineapple also makes an excellent natural remedy for heartburn, as it contains enzymes that are effective against acid reflux, a common cause of chronic heartburn issues. Consider making a project out of including these foods and spices by searching internet databases for tasty, healthful recipes that contain them!

Your doctor can help you find a natural remedy for heartburn as well.

If none of these solutions delivers the results you’re after, you should consider making an appointment with your doctor to see if he has any suggestions as to which natural remedy for heartburn may be right for you. The more information your doctor has to go on, the better they’ll be able to help you. Be prepared to discuss your family’s health history, as sometimes conditions like heartburn can have hereditary or genetic causes. Information as to which foods, activities, and times of day seem to be attached to heartburn attacks will also aid in the finding of a solution. Ask about adding an all-natural supplement to your diet to help curb discomfort.

You may also speak to your doctor about testing you for additional conditions that may come with heartburn as a side effect. Although heartburn is usually nothing to worry about and easy to manage, it can sometimes be indicative of more serious issues. It can also lead to other complications down the road, so adopting a natural remedy heartburn sooner rather than later will definitely pay off.


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  • Saad says:

    Raise the head of your bed ~ six inches. You can do this by puttnig something under the top of your mattress. You can buy something at bed bath and beyond that is for this. I do it and it works great! Also try not to eat right before going to bed. Hope this helps you.

    • Skyler says:

      reactions to penicillin?I was prrbeeiscd 500MG penicillin 4 times a day. I’ve only taken one dose along with my other meds (Tylenol with codeine) around 3pm this afternoon. Since then I’ve had this really hard heartburn feeling that comes in waves.It sits in the soft spot in the middle at the bottom of my ribs. It gets really intense and then eases up for a minute or two and then works its way up again. I’ve started getting the sweats and shaky. I took the meds before a meal. I have no desire to eat right now since this is really annoying. It’s now 8:30pm and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I’ve taken Prilosec OTC and pepto hoping that would help the heartburn feeling to go away. Drinking water isn’t really helping either. I’m just wondering if this is normal or has happened to anyone else. I don’t plan on taking the Penicillin anymore. I was proscribed it today due to pain after a root canal that I had done last week. Any help or tips on how to make this feeling feel better..I would really appreciate it.ThanksI went in today for a sick call appointment since my tooth is now hurting worse than before they started working on it the dentist wanted me on penicillin in case there was an infection. Also..I am capable of Google-ing my question but I came on Answers for advice from people who want to help others. I don’t need a smart @ss comment about it

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