Find Out What Cause Acid Reflux: Things You Need to Know


Acid reflux can be a serious condition. With this, it is very important to be informed about it. Every person must also know the natural remedies that can help in curing this type of condition. However, before you know the various ways to cure it, you must first know several factors on what cause acid reflux. Doctors are not really sure about the common causes of this condition.

However, they are sure about the fact that there are various factors which can cause acid reflux. Read on and find out more what cause acid reflux symptoms to get more serious.

Specific Foods Which Cause Acid Reflux

1. Soda – If you are an avid fan of sodas as well as other carbonated beverages, you must think twice before you consume it. Sodas can cause acid reflux. The bubbles of carbonation have the tendency to expand inside your stomach. When this happens, there is an increase pressure which can cause reflux. In addition, sodas contain caffeine which can worsen the reflux in the stomach.

2. Chocolate – You are probably a chocolate lover, but did you know that chocolates can cause acid reflux? Among the foods which you usually consume everyday, chocolates are considered to be one of the foods which cause more reflux. It is due to the fact that chocolates contain caffeine as well as other stimulants like theobromine. These compounds can cause acid reflux.

3. Alcohol – Beverages such as liquor, wine, and beer are just a few of the alcoholic drinks which can cause acid reflux. These beverages are not actually acidic, however they can cause such condition because they tend to relax the valve of the esophagus which leads to reflux.

4. Fried Foods – Another food type which can cause acid reflux are deep-fried foods such as french fries. These foods have high levels of fat content. They are usually associated with heartburn, that can cause chest pain.

5. Dairy Products – It must be noted that all foods that are high in fat can cause reflux. If you are fond of eating cheese, butter, and other high-fat foods, you may have the tendency to have acid reflux.

6. High fat Meats – Meats such as pork, beef, or lamb are high in fat content. They have the tendency to stay longer in your stomach, which increases of chance of developing acid reflux.

7. Coffee – It is fine to drink one cup of espresso or coffee everyday. However, it must be noted that drinking coffee in excessive amount can cause acidity in the stomach.

Indeed, what cause acid reflux symptoms to get worse are certain foods which you need to avoid. It must be noted that these foods are healthy. They also have their particular benefits to the body. However, if you think that you have acid reflux, it is better to avoid such foods in order to avoid anything to get serious. Take note that you should talk to your doctor just in case you happen to experience symptoms of acid reflux. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health.


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  • Samar says:

    do any of you have the same symptoms?For the past colpue of years i have had a lot of heartburn and have been throwing up in my mouth A LOT!..its normal to have a bad stomach ache in my family as it has been passed on for generations. my dad has acid reflux and is taking medication for it. i cant swallow pills for some reason but i heard that they have fluid getting tested tomorrow for acid reflux and i am going to see what i am diagnosed with. i need severe help and quick so i know if any of you have had the same symptoms .now i am a scary cat and i don’t want to have to go through surgery and am terrified of death and terrified of surgery. I looked at the symptoms of acid reflux and a lot of what is happening to me is in that category. now i am only 14 years of age and am really scared. I also looked at what can happen. it said a lot about the throat and the tubes in the throat as of now my stomach is burning. but it also said things like diseases if untreated, leading to more severe diseases, leading to another disease which could lead to a rare form of cancer, and rare death I don’t want to die!! Please Help Me!!!!

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