Find Out Can Fruit Cause Heartburn?


heartburnWe all like to go about our lives without worrying about our health. Illness is something that we always hope happens to someone else.

Of course, regardless of how good our lifestyle is, or how careful we are when a bug is going around, we will always get something wrong with us at some point.

Especially as the human body is such a complex machine, it is really no surprise that many things can go wrong with it. Still, in most cases, health problems only last a few days at most and clear up. For a few though, what starts as something mildly annoying, can turn into a chronic illness.One health problem that is quite common in society is heartburn.

It can happen at any time, and to anyone, regardless of overall health and age. So, someone who is extremely fit, with no known health problems, could suddenly find themselves suffering from a bout of heartburn. When it first happens, it can be a worrying experience for some. This is because the sensation can differ between people, but it is always somewhere between the bottom of the breastbone to the back of the throat.

For some, a sudden severe bout can be extremely painful, especially when they have no idea what it is. The pain can seemingly come from the middle of the chest region, and this is what leads many to think that they are having a heart attack. This is why it is often referred to as heartburn. In reality, it has nothing to do with the heart, but the word stems back to a time when medicine did not understand what it was.

Heart BurnThese days, the medical world prefers to call it acid reflux, as this associates it directly with the stomach, which is where the problem begins.So what exactly is heartburn?

Many people have no idea, although thanks to the internet, the answer is not that far away. Still, unless it is definitely heartburn, it is best to get a proper diagnosis from a medical professional just to make sure that it isn’t a problem with the heart.

If it is heartburn, then the problem is simply caused by too much acid in the stomach. If there is acid in the stomach, which is not reacting with the contents, then it can cause problems if it escapes out of the top of the stomach. Although the acid in our stomach is pretty much a similar strength to battery acid, there is a lining that coats the inside which protects it.

This means that the only thing the acid will react with is the food and drink we consume. If the digestive process is underway or there is too much acid, and some of this leaks out into the esophagus, then this is what can cause a burning sensation and severe pain for some. It is the acid when it gets into the esophagus, which is the actual heartburn.This problem can be caused by a variety of reasons.

Acid RefluxFor some, it can be a reaction to spicy foods that causes a reflex which pushes acid into the esophagus. Chili’s and ginger can cause this.

Although ginger can be taken to calm stomach problems, in large doses, it can be an irritant. Many people who eat spicy soup with a lot of ginger will hiccup.

This is a reflex action by the body to the irritation in the stomach, and it is this reflex which can force acid through the valve at the top of the stomach and into the esophagus.

Are there any other foods which can cause heartburn? Can fruit cause heartburn? There are many foods which can cause it, and for sufferers, it can be a long process of elimination to find out which ones are worse for them. The thing about fruit is that some of it is already acidic, especially the likes of apples. By cutting these out, it can lower the chances of having heartburn.

Other causes may not be food based, it could be a problem with the stomach valve itself becoming weaker, or the body may just be producing way too much acid. Physical activity can also force acid out of the stomach and cause it.Luckily, for those who are unlucky enough to suffer from this health issue, there is plenty that can be done about it.

**The best way its to write everything down that is eaten, and over time specific foods may prove to be the trigger. From a medicinal point of view, there is a lot available.

Simple chalk tablets are common, as these soak up the acid. For more severe cases, drugs such as Zantac and other inhibitors work by blocking the production of acid, and this in turn lowers the chance of heartburn.


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