Find a Natural Remedy For Heartburn

When it comes to finding the perfect natural remedy for heartburn, a little trial and error may be required. Most people who choose the natural pathway for their own heartburn treatments do get results after experimenting with different therapies and techniques. One of the most common ways to treat acid reflux (also known as heartburn) is to neutralize stomach acid with a range of ingredients that may already be on your kitchen shelves.

Choose Everyday Food as a Natural Remedy for Heartburn

Examples of foods and ingredients that zap acid before it hits your esophagus and triggers heartburn include bananas, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar. If you’re looking for cheap and easy ways to treat your acid reflux issues, the simplest natural remedy for heartburn may be enjoying a tasty and fresh banana when your symptoms strike. You may also consider mixing baking soda, apple cider and water into a beverage that will get rid of excess acid in no time flat.

Try DGL as a Natural Remedy for Heartburn

If you’d prefer to try another natural remedy for heartburn, consider the time-honored folk remedy known as DGL. This natural remedy for heartburn is a form of licorice known as de-glycyrrhizinated licorice, and it’s derived from fresh licorice herb. When you choose this natural remedy for heartburn, you may experience a reduction in stomach acid, and you may also find relief from symptoms of hypertension and edema.

Since DGL is a potent anti-inflammatory, it slows down the growth of stomach acid and relieves the discomfort of heartburn. However, like all “natural remedy for heartburn” options, results will vary from person to person. This type of licorice is available at health food stores, natural pharmacies, and some traditional grocers and drugstores. Look for convenient chewable tablets that offer lightning-fast heartburn relief.

Aloe Vera Juice is a Great Natural Remedy for Heartburn

Aloe Vera is a natural remedy for heartburn, and it may be drunk in its pure juice form or taken in capsule form. If you choose a capsule supplement, look for a bottle of pills labelled, “aloe vera latex”. These pills should be taken according to the package directions, which usually means swallowing the pills a couple of times a day, along with a big glass of water.

If you prefer to drink aloe vera juice, look for organic preparations that offer you access to the best aloe vera essences. However, you should be aware that some people do not enjoy the taste of this type of juice. If you can handle the distinctive flavour of aloe vera, drink it straight up. If you need to disguise the taste of this juice, consider mixing it with another pure fruit juice to make it more palatable. Aloe Vera coats your stomach in its soothing extract, cushioning this area from the effects of excess stomach acid.

You don’t necessarily need to seek out a natural remedy for heartburn to deal with the pain and annoyance of acid reflux, as long as you’re prepared to change your diet and lifestyle to combat this affliction.

By avoiding certain foods, such as greasy fast foods and spicy dishes, you’ll improve your symptoms and minimize the risk of new heartburn attacks. Sometimes, poor diet, or eating the wrong foods for your system, is at the heart of heartburn.

By practicing a classic elimination diet and tracking your results, you may determine exactly what your big-time heartburn triggers are. Examples of common heartburn triggers include coffee, booze, cigarettes, and junk food, so cleaning up your diet may be the best natural heartburn remedy of all.

Now that you know which natural remedy for heartburn will provide you with near-instant relief, and which dietary changes offer the most benefits to heartburn sufferers, you’ll be ready to manage your acid reflux without prescription or over-the-counter medications. This approach works beautifully for many people, so it’s definitely worth trying. Of course, this strategy may also save you big bucks, since you won’t need to shell out for conventional heartburn medicine.

If these natural tips and tricks don’t work for you, it’s possible that a natural heartburn remedy is not in the cards. In this case, visiting your doctor, or choosing a high-quality antacid over the counter, may be your best defense against the pain of acid reflux.


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