Everyday Health: Can You Drink Beer With Acid Reflux?


symptoms of acid refluxCoping with acid reflux differs from one person to the next. In fact, with any type of health condition, your fast recovery depends on what you do.

Unlike in normal situations wherein you don’t need to be specific with your actions, having acid reflux means putting some sort of limitations on yourself.

It can be hard at some point, but with constant discipline, you’ll definitely get used to it, just like being particular with your choice of food and drinks.

Nonetheless, many people wonder, ‘Can you drink beer with acid reflux?’ This is a common question with so many people enjoying a cold one at the end of the day.

However, if you find beer makes you get acid reflux symptoms, you should examine this question carefully. You may need to cut it out completely, or simply cut down somewhat. You may also want to eat food when you drink beer instead of consuming it on an empty stomach.

It Depends On You

acid refluxIn every decision, there is an equivalent reaction. If you decide to do right and watch what you eat and drink, you’ll reap the health benefits appropriately, too. However, if you miss to follow what is required, various consequences may occur and can affect your health negatively.

Acid reflux is a type of gastric concern that doesn’t happen for one time only. It keeps on overwhelming you every time you overpower your stomach with the wrong types of foods and drinks.

Acid reflux is a type of condition that is subject to proper regulation of activities. Drinking beer and other alcohol-containing liquids are among the top priorities that you should avoid.

However, due to some reasons this acidic drink is hard to resist, due to its appealing taste and habitual sensation patronized by your taste buds. It really depends on you. If you can withstand, or better yet, avoid the pain brought by acid reflux, you may still ask, ‘Can you drink beer with acid reflux?’

A Look At The Culprit: What Is Beer?

BeerBeer is among the top three most utilize beverages in the world. It doesn’t only fall under alcoholic drinks category, but a total thirst quencher next to water and tea.

It consists of various ingredients, but commonly contains approximately four to six percent alcohol by volume.

As you noticed, it has little alcohol content, yet if you consume too much of this percentage, the acid production in your stomach could double in volume. Beer is, in fact, an ancient drink.

It is produced through the process called hydrolysis and fermentation. Some people even brew it as homemade product. Brewed yeast is a typical example of homemade beer. You only let it stay for several days and you’ll have finished product ready for your personal consumption. However, what happens when your acid reflux strikes, can you drink beer with acid reflux?

There are many variants of beer today. Also, it has many flavors and ingredients. It also comes in various names and brands. You can find it in fancy bottles of different colors, shapes and sizes. Beer is one of the largest income-generating industries nowadays. Hundreds of millions of beer-drinkers worldwide contribute to the success of the beer brewing industry.

The Benefits Of Putting The Beer Bottle Down

Beer Bottle Drinking beer, or taking in any food that are rich in acidity is not a good idea, especially when you have acid reflux. Foods high in acid increase the severity of signs and symptoms of acid reflux.

Regardless of the amount, it can have an effect in the increase of acid reflux pain in the body.

For some, the habitual activity of drinking beer causes the damage to magnify in a way most people don’t expect.

Furthermore, some research may demonstrate lowering the quantity of beer you consume will lessen your experience of acid reflux. It is best for you to be very cautious, rather than to be sorry at the end.

Limiting yourself with the simple avoidance of drinking beer may not be a direct response to your acid reflux problem, but it can certainly create a big difference in lowering the severity and occurrence of your acid reflux episodes.

So, Can You Drink Beer With Acid Reflux?

Compare Acid RefluxWhether or not you can drink beer with acid reflux is not the main issue. Actually, you can drink beer at all costs and with your own expense.

Everything depends on your own opinion and fair judgment. Knowing how beer is high acid will help you decide if it is a good beverage for you.

Some people don’t have a problem with beer, while others do. In addition, if you drink beer on an empty stomach, acid reflux is more likely to happen. If you have a meal with a beer, chances are, you won’t experience the discomfort of acid reflux.

Drinking beer is controllable factor. If you stop or cut down, you can ease the pain of acid reflux. Now, can you drink beer with acid reflux? This is an important question for you to decide for yourself.


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