Discover What Really Makes Heartburn And What You Can Do About It.


heartburnAre you among the tens of millions of Americans who suffer with the condition known as heartburn? While the name would suggest otherwise, this condition is not related to the heart.

It occurs when an imbalance of acid causes a reaction that sends acid into the esophagus creating the sensation of burning in the chest. Let’s take a look at what its causes are, and how to stop it.

While heartburn can happen with anyone at any age, it is only a problem if it begins to occur chronically. In most cases, it is due to choices in lifestyle and diet that are most commonly the root of the problem. The acid that causes the problem is actually good for digestion. It may surprise you to learn that heartburn occurs just as often because of too little acid as it does because of producing too much of it.

Reaching for that ant-acid can be just the opposite of what you need, and in-fact may cause a cycle of chronic acid reflux. Some of the culprits in creating this problem are things like smoking, being overweight or obese, not eating enough fiber, too little exercise and certain medications. While it is commonly held that drinking too much coffee or alcohol can cause heartburn, the latest studies show no evidence of this being so.

There are some serious concerns for those who suffer from this condition on a regular basis. It is estimated that as many as 30% of all Americans have heartburn attacks at least once every month. As many as 10% have it happen every single day. When you start to have heartburn happen several times a week, then it is possible to permanently damage the esophageal region and its lining and this in-turn can lead to bleeding ulcers.

ulcerIn addition to the possibility of developing bleeding ulcers, it may also cause scarring that leads to your finding it difficult to swallow.

This can lead to ever increasing health concerns that puts a person on a downward spiral and is best avoided if possible.

There are medications that can be reacting with other meds or lifestyle choices that may be causing heartburn. If you feel this might be an issue, you should speak with your health care provider or physician.

Remember, it is never recommended that you just stop taking prescribed meds without talking first to your doctor about it. They will hopefully understand what is happening and can make appropriate changes that keep you safe with other health issues while also helping you with your heartburn.

Since lifestyle choices are among the most common factors with chronic heartburn, let’s look at what we can do about it. To begin, let us look at foods that have been found to cause heartburn among many who eat those foods. Many people all over the world love chocolate.

Unfortunately for heartburn suffers, this is the number one food found to consistently cause this problem.The combination of fat along with caffeine and cocoa which all individually irritate reflux, but together create the perfect storm that leads to a serious attack of acid reflux or heartburn.

fried foodFor those who suffer this condition, most know that attacks occur often after consuming deep fried foods. These foods, covered in fat, lead inevitably to attacks of acid.

Dairy treats that are high in fat are next on our list of those things we should usually avoid. Just like the deep fried foods, the high fat in these items leads to a sure path to heartburn attacks. Additionally, strong evidence suggest that smoking and significant weight gain or obesity can lead to chronic acid reflux disease.

As difficult as it might be to do, quitting smoking and getting your weight to within ten pounds of your ideal weight will likely bring immediate relief to chronic heartburn attacks. While there are many foods that can cause heartburn, there are just as many that can help to prevent it.

Oatmeal is not only good for lowering cholesterol, but is equally good and reducing and eliminating heartburn. Ginger is one of those foods that have many health giving components and among them are its ability to fight against the causes of reflux disease.Remember that often it is the choices you make that leads to heartburn, but it is also a choice to do the things that can prevent it.


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