Comprehensive Guide On How To Treat Heartburn At Home


heartburnCurrently, lots of Americans suffer from heartburn in varying degrees of severity. The condition affects a large percentage of the American population.

Unfortunately, lots of these individuals do not know the best ways that they can go about treating this annoying condition.

Indeed, lots of people seem to think that there are no effective at home remedies when it comes to heartburn. This is certainly not true, as there have been numerous remedies that have been approved by doctors to be very effective in treating heartburn at home. Thus, this article will serve as a comprehensive guide on how to treat heartburn at home.

Slippery Elm is a type of herb that is found across various parts of the world. Many times, the bark of the slippery elm is derived and then turned into a supplemental powder. The supplement is often used to treat a wide range of different gastrointestinal problems, including heartburn. The great thing about slippery elm is the fact that it has lots of stickiness to its structure, which really helps in digestion throughout all areas of the body.

The amazing and effective structure of the nutrients found in the supplemental powder is effective in neutralizing any kind of heartburn pain a person may be dealing with. In addition to slipper elm, aloe is another plant based supplement that lots of people find very useful for heartburn. aloe is a plant that is very popularly used in Asian countries. Sometimes, the plant is eaten raw or mixed with certain drinks.

However, some of the best ways to utilize aloe in order to deal with heartburn is to take a supplemental liquid form of it. This is because a concentrated form of aloe contains a large number of the substances that are found in the plant that have been proven useful for the treatment of heartburn.

Heart BurnMany heartburn suffers find great relief from supplementing themselves with aloe whenever they are faced with a heartburn episode.

Licorice, which is derived from a natural plant called Aniseed, is a great home remedy for heartburn. Licorice is readily available in many different parts of the world, especially in areas such as England and Australia.

This is because both England and Australia are known to be big fans of licorice, not essentially for its heartburn neutralizing properties, but the fact that they enjoy the taste of it. Even in America, licorice is not hard to find, especially in speciality candy stores. Simply snacking on a few twigs of licorice has been known to help many individuals who suffer from a heartburn.

Many people seem to forget the fact that heartburn actually consists of stomach acid being shuffled up around the upper GI tract. Hence, basic chemistry teaches us that acids are able to be neutralized when they are combined with a basic substance. One very common basic substance that is found very easily in many homes is baking soda.

baking sodaBaking soda mixed in a small cup of water allows for a great, quick remedy when it comes to heartburn.

There are lots of individuals that swear by a quick baking soda solution when it comes to really bad heartburn episodes. A surprising and unique way of dealing with heartburn at home is through the use of chewing gum.

That’s right, surprisingly, chewing gum has been shown to be very effective in the temporary treatment of a heartburn attack. The chewing of gum activates a number of different functions in the stomach which allows for the neutralization of large amounts of stomach acid that is causing heartburn. Individuals that have found relief through the use of chewing gum have often said that flavors such as peppermint work best.

This is because peppermint and other soothing flavors help with keeping the person feeling calm during the duration of the heartburn episode. All in all, these at-home remedies for heartburn are very effective.

acid reflux If you are sick and tired of dealing with heartburn on a regular basis, you should highly consider going out and trying each of the remedies that have been presented in this article.

Each of these remedies have worked in providing great relief from heartburn to a huge number of different individuals that suffer from heartburn.


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