Causes of Acid Reflux


Acid reflux can be defined as a condition where acids in the stomach make their way to the esophagus when the valve that separates the contents of the stomach becomes faulty. There are a number of causes of acid reflux like:

Eating habits and large meals- most people who have bad eating habits or consume large meals are more prone to suffering from the condition. Reducing the portions as well as adapting a healthy eating habit can reduce the risks of acid reflux.

Pregnancy- many expectant ladies suffer from the condition. This is quite common during the third trimester. This is normally as a result of the growing baby who presses on the stomach which can make the contents travel back to the esophagus. Taking antacids will not reverse the situation most doctors explain. It is however important to regulate meals and take smaller meals many times in a day to reduce it. There are some cases when the mother has to wait until the child is born to get relief.

Bending forward- this is among the causes of acid reflux but only in cases where there is an underlying problem or trigger.

Hiatal hernia (Hiatus hernia)- this is a condition where the patients upper part of the stomach has protruded into the chest. This is made possible by a small opening that is present in the diaphragm. This is usually caused by severe vomiting, coughing, sudden physical exertion, straining obesity and even pregnancy.

Insufficient digestive enzymes and peptic ulcers- peptic ulcers and lack of enough digestive enzymes in the stomach are also causes of acid reflux. This is because they slow down the digestive process which results in accumulation of extra gastric acids which back up and go back into the esophagus.
Asthma- there are still debates on this cause as experts try and figure out the condition that came first whether it is the acid reflux or asthma. This means that no one has com up with a conclusive definition on the relationship between the two conditions. Some medics say that coughing which is as a result of asthma can make changes in the chest which might cause the reflux. Others say that the asthma medications take to blame as they are usually taken to dilate chest airways which might cause the esophageal sphincter to relax. While discussing this as one of the causes of acid reflux, it is important to note that there are some people who suffer from asthma who claim that the condition is worsened by reflux.

Smoking- this is also among the prominent causes of acid reflux. Research indicates that saliva of smokers usually has less bicarbonate. This is used to neutralize acids. Smoking cigarettes also causes the production of saliva to reduce. The habit also promotes production of acid in the stomach which normally weakens the sphincter and also encourages the movement of the bile salt to the stomach from the intestines. This is dangerous as it makes the acids more harmful and also slows down digestion.

Alcohol– this has also been documented as one of the causes of acid reflux because people who quit drink report improved symptoms.


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