Can Vitamin C Give You Heartburn?


heart brunIf there is one universal truth in the whole world, it is that heartburn is an absolutely dreadful experience!

At some point or another, we all have our bouts with heartburn, and it is a trying ordeal indeed.

While it is something we can generally get through, it is indeed immensely uncomfortable and can sour pretty much any mood.

For some, it is more than an occasional visitor however. If this applies to you, you should take stock of your daily life and see if you can narrow down the specific cause behind it one and for all.

Beyond the likes of stressful living (from scheduling and beyond,) diet is about the leading cause of heartburn. This isn’t a case where a particularly poor diet will lead to bad results. Sometimes even the healthiest of foods can give you heartburn.

It all comes down to a particular food’s specific acidic content. The digestive acid inside of our stomachs sometimes begins to rise up when too much extra acidic material has been added to it, causing the discomfort we feel whenever heartburn is plaguing us.

There are all sorts of nastier biological matters at play here, mostly dealing with the esophagus. Sometimes these things are just as uncomfortable to think about as they are to experience.

Vitamin cWhat you should do is take stock of everything you eat and even drink. Even if you thought you were doing yourself a favor by taking in foods and beverages that are naturally high in Vitamin C content.

You may have ultimately been sowing the seeds of your heartburn related dilemma. Unfortunately, Vitamin C is highly acidic by nature.

Any sort of citrus, whether take in via fruit or juice form, can be an absolute minefield for potential heartburn experiences. Essentially, this only proves the idea that there are exceptions to every rule.

The idea that waking up to a nice tall glass or orange juice is the best possible thing you can do for yourself at the breakfast table in the morning is championed far and orange-juicewide, and here you are, only causing yourself discomfort by doing so.

Orange juice in, digestive aggravation out! It is hardly a fair trade, and it is the last thing anyone telling you about the do’s and dont’s of breakfast will ever mention.

In fact, they pretty much don’t mention it at all. This does not mean you need to stop taking in Vitamin C altogether however. It does indeed have plenty of wonderful benefits for you. Consult with a physician.

Unless for some reason your body simply rejects it (which it shouldn’t,) you should be able to make use of Vitamin C just the same as anyone. What you might want to try is simply taking in less of Vitamin C foods like oranges.

If you have been eating or drinking them merely for the health benefit, consider switching to a multivitamin with a bit of Vitamin C thrown in the mix. If that does not suit your fancy, simply drink and eat less to experiment. It could be that you have simply been overdoing it. That might be the main cause overall.

Simply eating too much, essentially overloading your system, is in itself a leading cause of heartburn. If you’ve been taking in Vitamin C heavy foods, it stands to reason that you are interested in health, so you should enjoy the challenge of figuring out a way to sate your hunger with less overall.

As you alter this and that about your usual meal plans, perhaps you will stumble into a new routine that leaves you heartburn free. It is important to note that every single person is different in some respect.

Metabolisms vary. Some can stay fit as a fiddle while eating powered sugar donuts every day on minimal exercise, whereas others would have to run many miles a week to keep themselves from packing on tons of weight when doing the same.

heartburn Your reaction to Vitamin C might well be different to that even of your relatives. In the end, it all comes down to simply trying things and seeing what works for you. It will help to consult your physician when doing so.

In the end, the answer to the question is yes, Vitamin C absolutely can give you heartburn, but it is far from the only factor.

It is easy to over do it, especially if Vitamin C rich foods and beverages like orange juice are a particular favorite of yours, but a balance can usually be found to somehow find a comfortable level for you. Once you have it narrowed down, you will likely find yourself much happier overall. Even if it means setting limits, to finally be heartburn free would be more than worth the change.


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