Can Juicing Really Cause Acid Reflux?


mix fruit JuiceAcid reflux is something that affects around 60% of the population at any given point in a year.

The truth is, not matter how fat or skinny you are the chance are that you will experience acid reflux sometime this year.

Studies have shown that a sudden increase or gain of weight can contribute to acid reflux. However, sometimes it is the result of poor food choices. Below we will discuss more information about acid reflux and what can cause it.

What is acid reflux?

Acid reflux is basically the occurrence of having your stomach acids thrown up into your esophagus. This creates a burning sensation deep within the mid section of your chest and throat.

It can cause a lot of pain for someone that is experiencing it. You should seek medical help if you are experiencing this often as it can lead to many serious problems if left untreated for long enough.

What Causes Acid Reflux?

A lot of studies have been done on this subject. The fact is, all kinds of people get acid reflux. Not just those that are overweight and/or lactose intolerant. People can get acid reflux from many factors.

Some of the factors that can lead to acid reflux are; poor food choices, eating right before bed, drinking excess alcohol, smoking tobacco, eating fried foods, eating spicy foods, etc. The problem is there are so many causes for heartburn and acid reflux that it is hard to list them all.

How to treat heartburn/acid reflux?

symptoms of acid refluxBecause there are so many different causes for acid reflux, the best way to treat it is not with medication. Although medication is readily available and generally works for all cases.

The medication however is only treating the symptoms of the heartburn. Not the actually cause. Therefore, you are going to benefit the most from making actual dietary changes that result in fewer instances.

You should stop eating foods that give you heartburn. You should stop doing any activity that you say in the causation section if you are doing it. The reason is heartburn can cause serious problems down the road.

It can essentially burn a hole through your esophagus. You are going to want to keep your occurrences to a minimum for your best health.


There are tons of over the counter and prescription medications for heartburn and acid reflux. However, as noted before, these medications like most medications, are designed to treat the symptoms.

They do not solve the cause of the problem. For this reason, you can expect to get more heartburn occurrences. If you continue to mask the problem and not find a solution, then you could end up damaging your body permanently. A proper solution should always be sought out.

You should be able to find an excellent natural solution to preventing heartburn, such as losing weight, exercising, or quitting a bad habit. Regardless of the solution, it will end up making you healthier as a result.

Can Juicing Cause Acid Reflux?

The fact is, juicing is not going to cause acid reflux. In fact, juicing is going to help you deal with acid reflux. The reason is a lot of times people juice with foods that balance the pH levels in the stomach.

JuicingThe more hydrochloric acid that you inject into your stomach via juicing, the more it will balance your pH and ultimately save your body from dealing with over producing stomach acids.

As long as you are juicing the right types of fruits and vegetables, you should be fine. However, you should never juice too much fruits that have high properties of acidic value.

You are not going to want to drink these too often because they could create an imbalance of acid in your stomach, and/or drink them alone because they can burn your throat on the way down. Therefore, you will always want to consume these fruits with other neutralizing ingredients such as greens.

Aloe juice is an excellent ingredient to utilize to combat acid reflux. Why is aloe juice so excellent for this task? Because it helps increase hydrochloric acid in your stomach, and soothes your throat and stomach at the same time.

Therefore, it is pretty much the perfect way to combat acid reflux. You are going to want to utilize pure aloe juice in order to combat serious cases of acid reflux.

Juicing can be extremely beneficial for people suffering with acid reflux. You simply need to understand why juicing works and utilize ingredients that are meant for decreasing instances of acid reflux such as; greens and aloe juice.

Both of these will help balance the pH in your stomach and create a better environment leading to better overall digestion and fewer instances of acid reflux in the end.


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