Can Jogging Cause Acid Reflux In People?


acid refluxThe fact is heartburn affects a ton of people every single year. In fact, 60% of people experience heartburn in their lives.

This means that it is truly a common problem. Below we will discuss what heartburn is some of the things that cause heartburn, and what to do about it.

We will also discuss tips to ease exercise heartburn.

What is heartburn?

Heartburn is a pain found in the chest area due to stomach acid secretion into the throat. This is generally caused by various factors, but one of the biggest ones is rapid weight gain. If you experience weight gain, you can expect to experience an increase in heartburn occurrences.

What causes heartburn?

Above we briefly discussed some of the causes of heartburn. However, we have not discussed all of them. As noted before, one of the causes of heartburn is rapid weight gain. Another cause of heartburn is due to the foods and beverages that we consume.

It can also be caused by a bunch of other lifestyle choices that we make. You are going to want to really look at the lifestyle choices that you are making and ensure that you are going everything in your power to avoid experiencing heartburn.

You want to ensure that you are not eating or drinking a lot of bad foods and beverages that traditionally lead to heartburn.

What to do about it?

acid refluxIn order to solve heartburn, you must treat it at its cause, and work to prevent it. However, there are options that you can use to minimize its effect on you immediately. These types of medications are usually called antacids. These antacids work by neutralizing the acidity and thus giving relief.

However, the best way to stop heartburn is to prevent it entirely. One of the best ways to prevent heartburn is to exercise. However, exercise in itself has been known to cause heartburn related symptoms.

Below we will discuss what causes exercise heartburn, how to prevent it, and tips that you should utilize.

What causes it?

Exercise heartburn can be induced because of a weak lower esophageal sphincters muscle. The problem that occurs when this muscle is weak is that it cannot hold the food/acid down into the stomach.

Therefore, the stomach acids rise into the throat area and cause damage. Your throat is not lined with protection like your stomach is. Therefore, it can burn your lining and cause a lot of pain.

This type of heartburn can also be caused by the types of foods you eat. Spicy foods, acidic foods, orange juice, tomato sauce, coffee, chocolate, and alcohol can all cause this type of heartburn.

Some Tips To Utilize To Prevent Exercise Heartburn:

1. Fix your diet.

acid refluxFirst, you need to try to figure out what part of your diet is causing you this problem.

You should closely examine your diet and write down when you experience problems. You will likely see a pattern that it happens when you eat a certain subset of foods.

You are also going to want to space out your exercise routines from when you eat. Give your body time to digest the food properly, that way you do not have to deal with acid reflux while you exercise.

2. Eat something that soothes the stomach before exercising.

You could always implement a strategy to eat something soothing before you decide to exercise. This is going to vary from an individual from individual, but if you find something that soothes your pain, eat it right before you exercise.

This may be yogurt, or it may be a banana. You should also try to drink aloe vera juice right before you work out. This should go long ways towards helping you experience heartburn relief.

3. Eat 3 hours before working out.

Again, you are going to want to space your workouts and separate them from when you actually consume a lot of food. You need to give your body time to digest all of the food you eat.

Therefore, it is essential to eat a long time before you are planning on working out. This will give your body a full 3 hours to digest the food before you ever start working out.

4. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar.

acid refluxYou are going to want to try drinking apple cider vinegar before you work out. This is an excellent at home remedy for relieving heartburn. It works by neutralizing the acid in the stomach while balancing the overall pH.

Therefore, it also works in preventing heartburn in the first place. This is a method that should be used for simply preventing heartburn and helping the digestive system work and function optimally.

Finally, when you are trying to prevent heartburn or you are dealing with heartburn, always consult with a medical professional before attempting to correct it on your own.


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