Can Fibroids Cause Heartburn: A Common Link


FIBROID TUMORThe word, “tumor,” can startle any women after hearing her doctor break the news that she has fibroid tumors. Fibroid tumors are lumps of masses located along the uterine lining. The thought of having tumors could give anyone a shock.

Actually, there is nothing to worry about, because these fibroid tumors are benign. Meaning, these are non-cancerous.Still, there are reports saying that fibroids could trigger heartburn symptoms.

Although it is true that these two health issues are totally unrelated, there is a links that connect fibroids with uncomfortable and persistent heartburn symptoms. Before digging deeper to learn more about these health issues, it would be better to first differentiate between the two conditions. Fibroid tumors only happen to women.

Women between 30 and 40 are the ones who are most at risk of developing them.Women from black races have high chance to develop them, too. There are cases where fibroid tumors may also be present in families because of a particular genetic link. It is unlikely to know for sure if you have these tumors.

Consult_DoctorThis is due to the reason that they come without any definitive symptoms. The only way to determine if you have them is through undergoing some tests.

Once your doctor has detected the growth, he will then inform you on what symptoms to expect. Among these are prolonged and heavy menstrual bleeding.

Is Having Fibroids A Risk Factor In Developing Heartburn?

People with fibroid tumors usually experience bouts of digestive problems. Among these are abdominal cramps, heartburn, bloating and burping. These symptoms are present in acid reflux disease, too. People with fibroid masses claim that their heartburn symptoms vanished after they have their tumors extracted.

Acid RefluxThis explains why it is reasonable for a person to ask if fibroid tumors have something to do with the development of acid reflux disease.With all the connections present, then it is sensible to say that the answer to question, “Can fibroids cause heartburn,” is yes.

We all know that fibroid tumors could result in abdominal bloating and a distended stomach. These symptoms could aggravate the symptoms of acid reflux.

Can Fibroids Cause Heartburn?

Acid reflux happens when there is too much pressure present in the stomach. The amount of pressure is equally high when you overeat, are pregnant or lie on your back right after eating. Here, a band of muscles, which is a sphincter that separates esophagus and stomach, weakens. Meaning to say, the loop fails to close completely. This is the reason why some of the stomach contents flow back up towards the gullet.

fibroid tumorNow, some women are wondering if the fibroid tumors they are having could contribute to the level of pain, urgency and frequency of their indigestion symptoms. The answer is yes again.

The causative factor is the added pressure brought about by these tumors. Though these diseases do not pose health hazards, there is a need to control the symptoms. Delaying the treatment could worsen the symptoms, which could affect your activities of daily living.

How To Get Rid Of Heartburn Symptoms

There are specific approaches that you can leverage to get these symptoms under control. Many products are flooding the marketplace today to help you treat your acid reflux symptoms. Keep in mind that not all products work the same, so be extra cautious in choosing one. Medicines prescribed by your doctor are the best choice. They know what your underlying disease is, thus they know which one will work best for you.

There are instances where some of your relatives or friends may recommend the use of antacids. Yes, there is a wide range of OTC heartburn drugs available. They are cheaper and are easy to avail, but you cannot guarantee that they are safe for you to take. Remember, what works for them might not work the same on you. This boils down to one point, consult your doctor before taking any kind of medicines.

doctorConsulting your doctor could also help you find other useful approaches for heartburn relief, aside from taking drugs. Among these is considering your surgical options. Your doctor could open up the possibility of having acid-reflux surgery.

Aside from that, they could also suggest you to undergo a surgery that will remove the fibroid tumors. By removing these tumors, the acid reflux symptoms may disappear.Bear in mind that, when consulting your doctor, there are things you need to prepare.

Doctors are always in a rush, so list all of the symptoms you are experiencing. Include details on your list, like the things you did or ate before the onset, as well as the frequency and duration of heartburn episodes.

By doing this, your doctor can give you an answer to the question, “Can fibroids cause heartburn?”In the meantime, there are things you can do to control the symptoms. This is through living a healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly, so you will not have troubles in controlling weight. Eat healthy foods and avoid your food triggers.  Not smoking and limiting your alcoholic drinks could also help.

heart brunLastly, maintain an upright position two hours after eating to prevent stomach contents from flowing back up the gullet.

Heartburn does not have to run your life for you. By working with your doctor and following a healthy daily regimen, you can reduce or even stop your heartburn symptoms forever.


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