Can A Baby Have Acid Reflux Without Spitting Up?


Acid RefluxThe diagnosis of acid reflux in babies are continuing to rise. There are many parents who visit doctors each day for treatments for baby acid reflux. But the condition is not new at all. In fact, it was very common from the good old days.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of baby acid reflux without spitting up. Gastroesophageal Reflux a.k.a. acid reflux (GER) is a condition where the baby’s stomach content come back up the esophagus.

Babies are known to spit up quite a lot. A baby spits up or has acid reflux due to his or her immature digestive track. As the baby grows up, the digestive track will mature and less stomach content will come up the esophagus. The ring of muscle (lower esophageal sphincter – LES) where the stomach meets the esophagus is quite soft when the baby is small. It will become firmer as your baby grows.

Most of the infants would outgrow acid reflux or spitting up by the time they are 12-18 months old. Usually, acid reflux comes in babies with spitting up. But there are rare occasions where acid reflux comes without any spitting up. Your baby will be in extreme discomfort during such an acid reflux bout. This is a sign to identify a baby suffering from acid reflux without the usual spitting up.

acid refluxA baby can definitely have acid reflux without spitting up even if it is rare. This is called “silent acid reflux”. Your baby will not show any symptoms in such a case. They can be fussy about feeding and cry while you are feeding the baby.

There can be gurgling sounds before and after the feedings. If the baby cries a lot when left on its back after feeding, he or she may be definitely experiencing discomfort due to the food coming into the esophagus.

You need to pay close attention during a situation such as this. Most babies spit up. It is quite common, and you will not need to worry about it. Your doctor will not prescribe any medications for such a condition. Your baby may not eat enough due to the acid reflux condition. He or she may spit up too much at times. He or she may have problems with their weight gain.

If you are concerned about your baby’s acid reflux condition, it is best you consult a doctor immediately. Babies suffering from acid reflux require to eat smaller meal portions on a more frequent basis. When their tummy is not full, the food will not try to come up always. This can become a relief from acid reflux. It is always better to feed your baby on an upright position, and keep your baby that way for at least 30-40 minutes after feeding.

There is a notion in society that breastfed babies spit up less. This is not a 100% correct statement. Whether they are breastfed or not, many babies spit up. Spitting up is not a severe condition in kids. It can be easily cured by some important lifestyle changes. If the condition continuous for more than a week, it is best to obtain treatment from your physician.

doctorThe doctor will ask you to describe the symptoms while examining your baby. The doctor may suggest eliminating cow’s milk from your baby’s diet schedule. Certain proteins in milk can help cause acid reflux in babies.

If anything doesn’t work, the last resort would be to administer medicines. Antacids and acid blockers are some of the most effective treatment methods for spitting up or acid reflux in babies.The doctor can conduct various tests to diagnose a condition of acid reflux.

X-rays of the upper gastrointestinal tract can help identify an acid reflux condition in babies. The doctor will feed your baby with a chalky substance called barium before taking the X-ray.

The X-ray will reveal if there are any issues with the gastrointestinal track of your baby. Another test is the 24-hour pH probe study. A very thin tube will be sent to the esophagus through the nose of your kid. The esophagus will be monitored for 24-hours after been admitted to hospital.The aforementioned article shows the connection between acid reflux and spitting up in a baby.


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