All About the Acid Reflux Treatment


Acid reflux for anybody can be quite painful as it leads to belching, heartburn and even chest pains. In case of suffering from acid reflux on a regular basis, these acids may result in scars, ulcers, inflammation or even hemorrhage.

The first thing to be done in case of acid reflux treatment is to examine your daily intake of food. Simply review the dietary habits. It is important to consume foods that contain living enzymes as they can eliminate as well as prevent acid reflux.

The next acid reflux treatment is to increase the natural production of hydrochloric acid in stomach. In order to do this, cheap table salt must be replaced with good quality sea salt.

Any acid reflux treatment would include diet changes. Processed foods and sugars definitely exacerbate acid reflux. This is because they tend to create an imbalance in the bacteria that are present in the stomach as well as intestinal tract. Thus it is recommended to eat fresh organic fruits as well as vegetables. Taking any probiotics supplement is also helpful in balancing the bowel by supplying it with good bacteria.

Digestive enzymes help in acid reflux treatment. These are found in abundance in raw food. Cooking of food tends to destroy all these health promoting digestive enzymes. Thus in addition to raw foods, even enzyme supplements can be taken.

Any increase in the vitamin D levels of the body will help to optimize the production of 200 antimicrobial peptides which aid in eliminating infections from the body. Vitamin D is available for free through appropriate exposure to sunshine. In case this is not possible, it is recommended to eat foods which are high in Vitamin D content as well as taking any good quality vitamin D supplement.

Exercising helps to stay healthy. Simply increase the amount of cardio exercise in order to help in improving your overall health.

There are home remedies available as acid reflux treatment for providing instant relief. These include taking a tablespoon of raw organic apple cider vinegar and mixing it with 4 ounces of pure water. Taking this before each meal will help to calm the stomach and improve the digestion. This remedy is helpful for acute instances of acid reflux as it works quick.

A spoonful of baking soda can be mixed in a glass of water. Ensure that you drink it before it stops fizzing.

Aloe vera juice can be mixed in two parts of water. This can be used as acid reflux treatment when the acid reflux symptoms begin.

Glutamine is found in many dietary sources including milk, eggs, besides fish, parsley, and spinach and many more. It helps to reduce the intestinal inflammation that appears with acid reflux.

Herbal licorice is also used as acid reflux treatment as helps in coating the stomach with a protective gel. This is a herbal root that is available in a tea or tincture form. A full body cleanse will also help in taking care of this condition by removing the harmful organisms from the body.


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