Acid Reflux Symptoms: How to Diagnose?

Acid reflux is a disease which is found in people as a result of several factors which are mostly due to the sedentary lifestyle and bad habits these days. Even though there are several factors which are responsible for acid reflux symptoms, most of them can be avoided, if not all. Let us have a look at these symptoms.

Acid reflux is called by several different names such as heartburn etc, even though this is not related to heart in anyway. Most of these symptoms can be misunderstood for some other disease in most cases. So these symptoms are not ultimate guides to detect this disease. Based on symptoms, tests are to be conducted to diagnose it.

· Chest pain: Chest pain is the most common acid reflux symptoms. Many people may mistake this to heart disease. Chest pain occurs due to expulsion of bile juice from stomach to esophagus. This pain lasts for a long time. Main difference between chest pain due to heart disease and acid reflux is that chest pain due to heart disease occurs only when the person is doing some strenuous exercise, but acid reflux cheat pain can occur at any time. It is always better to go to a doctor when chest pain occurs, because symptoms of heart attack can never be neglected.

· If chest pain is due to heart problem, it worsens when the person is doing hard work. Chest pain due to acid reflux worsens even when the person is resting. Standing up reduces symptom, because acid is kept within stomach due to gravity action, but when he is lying on bed, acid gets into esophagus easily. That’s why it is advised not to have heavy meals just before bedtime.

· Severe chest pain occurs after meals. This is another important acid reflux symptoms. Heavy and fatty meals are always igniting factors for acid reflux. So people suffering from acid reflux are advised to avoid heavy meals. It is better to have small meals at regular intervals. They help body to digest food slowly and thereby avoid acid reflux symptoms.

· Most important symptom of acid reflux is having a bitter taste in mouth. This is because of sour acidic juice coming from stomach entering into esophagus and mouth. It also produces severe burning sensation in throat and mouth. It may cause choking also, even though such possibilities are very rare.

· Hoarseness of voice: This occurs due to repeated expulsion of acid into throat. As that acid has corroding nature, it affects internal parts of throat and burns the inner layers of throat. This causes hoarseness of voice and in some extreme cases; person may not even be able to talk clearly. Repeated contact of acidic juice may even lead to cancer in throat and esophagus. So this has to be taken care of.

Almost all acid reflux symptoms are seen in some other diseases also, hence chances of people getting confused these symptoms with other diseases are more. So it is always advisable to go and get tested for symptoms to confirm the cause of these symptoms.

Acid Reflux Symptoms: Mild to Severe

Some acid reflux symptoms are so severe that in some cases, they may even affect regular daily activities of person seriously. This occurs in many cases and hence they should be treated as early as possible. Many symptoms which seem simple and easy to manage may turn out to be serious and lead to further complications if not treated in time. So it is advisable to take proper medications as early as possible. Several symptoms which are common and seem simple but turn out to be serious later are:

· Sore throat: Sore throat is the symptom in which throat starts to ache severely after meals. This occurs in many people after eating heavy meals and spicy food. Fatty and oily foods increase these symptoms seriously. This sore throat can be chronic and if left untreated, can last for several months. Getting one’s throat burning again and again is really tiresome.

· Coughing and sneezing are common symptoms of cold. Coughing may be the symptoms of some severe diseases like lungs cancer or some other respiratory disease. But there are several respiratory problems which occur mainly due to acid reflux. So going to a doctor and getting a pH test for detecting acid reflux is the best thing to do in such cases. There are also procedures which monitor esophagus over a period of 24 hours to detect any severe problems related to acid reflux. This test helps to detect acid reflux in most cases.

· Asthma: Even though there seems to be no connection between asthma and acid reflux, it is true that acid reflux leads to asthma in many cases. Chronic heartburn and coughing can lead to allergies and that triggers asthma. Once the person gets asthma, he needs to use inhaler or some other similar device to treat asthma. Experts always advice to get a test to diagnose acid reflux when the person is having asthma, when there are no other apparent causes for it.

· Nausea is another acid reflux symptoms. Person may feel nauseated even when eating his favorite food. Nausea may be due to acid reflux or any other disease, but this is attributed to acid reflux in most cases. Like any other symptom, if it comes just after having a sumptuous meal, there is no doubt that acid reflux is to be blamed in such cases. This also leads to severe discomfort in stomach and throat.

· Production of excessive saliva in mouth is yet another important acid reflux symptoms. As acid is pumped into esophagus often, it leads to burning sensation in throat and sometimes acid enters into mouth of person also. Salivary glands produce excess saliva to soothe that burning sensation and this might be embarrassing to person in most cases.

· In some cases, person may feel it very difficult swallow food, even if it is liquid food. Solid foods like rice, Chapathi and others are almost impossible to swallow. This difficulty may be due to other reasons also, but acid reflux is the most important reason.

Thus acid reflux manifests itself in many forms, giving out severe symptoms which may range from simple heartburn to severe asthma.