A-Z of Acid Reflux Symptoms and the Possible Treatments

Acid reflux has been given many names such as indigestion, gastritis and heartburn. Medically, it is called dyspepsia and denotes the burning pain in the chest or upper stomach. Mostly acid reflux symptoms are associated with digestive system.

Acid reflux symptoms include stinging burning pain in chest which most of us would call heartburn because that’s what it feels like. It could also result in a very sour taste in your mouth because of acid coming up from stomach to your throat.

An interesting note here is that even though it is called heartburn, it has nothing to do with heart. In acid reflux, stomach acids and juices get mixed with partly digested liquid food and push through the entrance between stomach and the esophagus.

It may cause burping. It may also irritate the larynx (voice box) resulting in the hoarseness of voice. This could also make it difficult to breathe.

Things that can worsen the problem of acid reflux:

If your stomach is more than full, then acids are produced at the wrong time or in excess. If there’s a lot of pressure on or inside the stomach, it can increase the problem of acid reflux. Going against gravity like on swings or roller coaster rides can also partly open the entrance between stomach and esophagus.

Other things which can worsen the acid reflux symptoms are when we eat a large meal in late evenings or when we lie down shortly after eating. Although our stomach can handle these vicious hydrochloric acids, our esophagus isn’t so well protected and is therefore more susceptible to the acid’s damaging effects.
Some of the most common acid reflux symptoms are

Heartburn or Indigestion

This is probably one of the most prevalent signs of dyspepsia and someone suffering to this condition feels burning sensation in stomach which leaves its impact on lower chest and throat. This burnish sensation happens because of the movement of acid from stomach to esophagus. The patient can also experience discomfort on neck and in stomach due to indigestion or heartburn.

Reflux and Regurgitation

When stomach acid rises up from stomach to mouth and throat, it is called regurgitation. Because of this, throat starts burning and the acid leaves a sour and quite unpleasant taste in mouth.

A classic acid reflux symptom is tiny fragments of food coming up into your mouth from stomach.


Someone who has severe acid problem will definitely have the problem of cough. It happens when usually a person is well but coughs continually without suffering from fever and cold. Therefore, it’s critical to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem to find the best solution.

Queasiness or Upset Stomach

People who experience heartburn definitely go through this unfavorable health problem. Because of acid reflux, patients also feel dizzy sometimes. Some of the patients also report to their doctors about troublesome stomach and queasiness.

Sore Throat

Please note that acid reflux does not have impact on just stomach but also cause sore throat. When the acid rises up from stomach to mouth, it leaves the throat tender and with a burning feeling.

Difficulty in Swallowing or Dysphagia

Because of this condition, it’s also really difficult for the patient to digest and swallow the food. Medically, it is called Dysphagia. This particular condition is a different movement where the stomach pushes the food upside to the throat.

Acid Reflux and Your Mouth

Your gums may feel irritated and you’ll have tooth decay due to corrosive stomach acid coming into your mouth. You can end up having a way too bitter or sour taste in your mouth or you may feel that you are producing too much saliva in your mouth. This condition can cause too much discomfort for patients.

Advanced Acid reflux

If you do not go to doctor timely to treat acid reflux, this problem can aggravate. It can damage and change your esophageal lining. Doctors call this stage as Barrett’s Esophagus. It is advanced stage of acid reflux condition. 10% of acid reflux patients who are detected with advanced Barrett’s Esophagus are found to be susceptible to cancer. These patients need to endure periodic medical tests and receive comprehensive and powerful acid reflux treatments.

Long-Term Acid burn Symptoms

If you have been suffering from acid reflux for a long time, then chances are your esophagus has been damaged already. Or it can also be that you have developed odynophagia or dysphagia. Odynophagia denotes condition when swallowing food becomes unpleasant whereas dysphagia implies trouble in swallowing food. In some cases, odynophagia can become so intense that patients may become frightened to eat.

Is there some medicine for acid reflux?

A doctor’s typical prescription for this condition is antacids in the form of magnesium salts, sodium bicarbonate, aluminum hydroxide and calcium carbonate. These medicines do not offer long-term relief and have side-effects too such as dysentery and constipation. These medicines are to be taken for longer period of times and even though, symptoms start showing over and again. You can also use some Over-the-Counter products but these will also provide short-term relief.

Natural treatments:

Many things like baking soda, pickle juice and vinegar along with plenty of other such acid-taming substances can be used as remedial measures for acid reflux.

However, to take care of this unpleasant reoccurring acid reflux problem on a permanent basis is to make smart changes in your lifestyle and diet.


The problem of acid reflux is just annoying particularly compared with other conditions. The caustic nature of stomach acid can cause damage to vital organs but it is also certain that acid reflux does not have to ruin the quality of your life. On a regular basis, acid reflux can be treated with OTC antacids and prescription medicines available in the market.

Once in a while, though, you may need more significant and holistic treatment to eradicate acid reflux symptoms. Your doctor will help you to work out the best way to keep those acidic burn attacks in check. With a correct diagnose and treatment plan, it will be easier to get your life back on track.