A Discussion about Foods that Cause Acid Reflux

Acid reflux or heartburn is a commonly found disease among people of all ages especially adults and is observed with a burning sensation in the regions of esophagus and stomach. This extremely bothering situation is directly linked with the kinds of food people usually eat and their acidic effect on their digestive system. Regular use of several food items that have acidic nature in their diet make people habitual to them. But the constant use of the foods that cause acid reflux for long time effects the potential of their stomach to process their acidic elements and the process of throat burning starts with the backing up of the acids to their esophagus.

Though people use various home made remedies to cure the acid reflux but should know about the foods that cause acid reflux before taking those remedies to get the best of their results. Normally alkalizing foods are recommended to the people who constantly suffer with the problem of acid reflux or heart burn. These foods will help in reducing the effect of acid reflux and improving the functioning of stomach.

Avoiding the foods that cause acid reflux

Though there is no complete list to suggest the foods to be avoided to get rid of acid reflux but even then one should avoid the foods that cause acid reflux given in the list below.

Fried foods: Fried foods or the foods with high level of trans-fats are more challenging to digest which cause disorder to the digestive system. These heavy foods normally slow down the digestion process which helps in producing gases and excessive acids that are pushed to the esophagus causing acid reflux. People who eat fried foods get their digestive system affected for long time which continuously pressurizes the working of the stomach.

Coffee: Though coffee has a laxative effect on your system but severally excessive use of coffee increases the level of caffeine in your body causing excessive discharge of gases and acids that may cause acid reflux.

Baked and processed foods: baked and processed foods having artificial colors and preservatives like brownies and cookies help in creating acidic atmosphere in your stomach. Foods made from enriched flour and refined white sugar come on the top list of the foods that cause acid reflux.

Hot/spicy foods: Diets containing hot/spicy sauces and chili pepper are more prone to acid reflux. You should avoid them even if you are eating at some restaurant. You should order for no spice foods or Thai food if you want to avoid acid reflux.

Carbonated and citrus drinks: Carbonated drinks like tonic water or popping soda normally increase the level of pressure in the stomach which helps in creating acidic environment in there. Juices of citrus fruits like oranges etc. have acidic nature. So you should avoid taking carbonated and citrus drinks to avoid acid reflux. You can take purified water instead of them.

Meat: Meat is one of the hardest kinds of foods that cause acid reflux due to lack of their proper and easy digestion. In fact meat with low fat like lean chicken, turkey or fish creates lesser amount of acid in your stomach whereas thick pieces of meat like juicy steaks produce more acid. You should eat the meat after chewing it well and reduce the times of eating meat weekly to reduce the development of acid reflux. You can add fruits and vegetables to your routine diet than meat to make it more useful for your health.

Alcohol: Alcohol produces ample quantity of acids in your system besides dehydrating it. Both of these cause irritation and discomfort in your body to disturb your sleep in the crucial hours when your body needs relaxation. In this way alcohol helps in increasing the level of acid reflux.

Dairy products: Though a cup of cold creamy milk helps in reducing the effect of acid reflux instead of a glass of water but milk is also considered a good creator of acids in your stomach. You condition can worsen if you drink it when you have no capacity to eat something.

Several vegetables like tomato, garlic and onion: Though vegetables are normally preferred to reduce the effect of acid reflux but some of them are included in the list of foods that cause acid reflux like tomatoes, garlic and onion. Though tomatoes have many healthy nutrients in them but still they are of acidic nature and may cause acid reflux. Similarly whereas garlic and onion have many health benefits for you but some people can not cure their acid reflux if they continue using them in their routine diet.

Chocolates: Though chocolates have ample quantity of caffeine in them but they relaxes the sphincter that allows the stomach acids flow back into the esophagus causing acid reflux.

Peppermint: Though peppermint is supposed to have soothing effect on your stomach but it increases the chances of acid reflux as it also relaxes the sphincter to allow the stomach acids flow back into the esophagus to cause acid reflux.

Thus, the above listed are foods that cause acid reflux the most but still there is no end to this list as there may be many other foods that may cause acid reflux to any one. You can use this list as your guide to know which of them may or may not trigger acid reflux in your case. You should still be cautious about the other food items which you normally eat and are not added in this list but cause acid reflux to you.

Some foods that usually do not create any kind of reflux may come in the list of foods that cause acid reflux if taken in large quantities for some time. So you should not only take care of what you eat but also how much you eat and when you eat to reduce the chances of acid reflux. Eating right before going to bed can also increase the chances of acid reflux which will not only cause discomfort but also disturb you sleep at the moment when your body starts relaxing from the day’s fatiguing schedule.