15 Different Ways To Cope With Baby’s Acid Reflux



Acid RefluxAcid reflux is a condition that normally affects infants. The condition is also known as gastro esophageal and it is the major causes of feeding problems in babies.

According to most of the statistics that have he conducted by health specialist, about 25% of infants become a victim of this condition.

Furthermore, it also causes challenges especially to new parents since most of them do not know how to deal with this kind of situation.

Symptoms Of Acid Reflux In Babies

One of the major challenges that most parents have to deal with is how to detect acid reflux in their babies. Infants are not able to give you a clue of what the problem is that and because of this reason, most of them end up crying continuously because of the pain caused by this awful condition. Below are a number of symptoms you should be on the lookout for, to know whether you baby is suffering from this serious condition or not.

baby1. Struggling to breathe is the first thing what you will note about your baby. This happen to infants who are two weeks old.

Sometimes this happens when the baby is eating and the food would return back up causing the baby to choke.

2. Because of the pain caused by acid reflux, may start acting fussy and uncomfortable. Furthermore, this condition also causes back pain as well as vomiting after the baby has completed feeding.

3. Moreover, this condition also causes your infant to spit up regularly. If you note that you baby is spitting more than usual, then you should seek assistance from a healthy specialist treat the condition before it gets worse.

4. Another symptom that you will not is lack of appetite. Infants tend to lack interest in eating for sometimes and only get interested in eating soft foods and taking a lot of beverages.

What Causes Acid Reflux In Babies

acid reflix in babyAcid reflux is caused by separation of the stomach from the esophagus by the esophageal sphincter, which is a band of muscle that is circular in shape.

The condition can be prevented at an early stage if the parents are able to detect the disease at an early stage. However, those who are already affected can be treated using natural remedies and other form of medication that is available over the counter.

When the stomach is separated from the esophagus, the food that goes into the stomach contracts causing the valves to block. This causes acids and other contents found in the stomach to regurgitate back upwards to the esophagus.

15 Various Ways Of How To Cope With Baby’s Acid Reflux

1. Understand The Cause And Apply The Right Treatment

The best way to cope with this condition is to start by acknowledging what the cause of the reflux is. By identifying the cause, you will be able to apply the right treatment for your child. A reflux in an infant can also be an outcome of an allergy from protein and also from soy allergy. In this case, you can use manta or Maalox before you feed the baby or after. This will help reduce the irritability and even pain.

2. Change The Formula For Your Baby

acid reflux in childrenChanging the formula that you give your child and use prescribed medication can help ease the effect of refluxing.

However, do not use any form of mediation on your baby without seeking medical advice from a health specialist.

Most doctors recommend Prevacid because it is stronger compared to other form of treatment used to treat this condition such as Zantac. Prevacid aids in preventing irritability and the parents are advices to use this mediation as prescribed by a health specialist.

3. Always Keep The Baby Upright Especially After Feeding

Parent with an infant should make this a routine of keeping their babies in an upright position when feeding and after feeding them. That is because this positions helps by keeping the consumed content down in the stomach thanks to the force of gravity. Your laps would be a good spot where you can sit the baby with the head nestled to your chest. Maintain the infant in this position for not less than thirty minutes after feeding.

4. Change The Infant’s Eating Plan

When an infant is suffering from acid reflux, it is advisable that you change his or her eating plan. Offer you infant smaller feedings from time to time or rather frequently. This will help in digestion and prevent vomiting since you will be feeding the baby small portions of food, but twice.

5. Burb Your Infant After Feeding

infant If the baby bottle feeds most of the time, then it is advisable that you learn how to burp your baby after every one or two minutes to prevent the mild from coming back up.

Bottle fed infants normally suffer from acid reflux because they easily swallow air when feeding from the bottle, which causes the milk that is caused to come back again.

6. Breast Feed Your Infant More Rather Than Using Formulas

Continuing to breast feed your baby has a number of advantages compared to giving your infant processed milk. Babies suffering from acid reflux have a hard time swallowing formulas, but it is easy for them to swallow breast milk. Breasting your child minimize the risk of reflux plus, the mil contains enzymes which are known ease digestion.

7. Change Your Baby’s Sleeping Position

Baby Acid RefluxBabies who a reflux problem have a hard time sleeping. That is because you will be forced to lye your baby flat when sleeping, which means you will no longer benefit from the force of gravity since it only applies when your infant is in an upright position.

However, setting the baby’s crib at 30 degrees will create an incline for the baby. Place the baby’s head on the upper side lying downwards, this will help prevent refluxing during the night.

8. Dress Your Baby Properly To Avoid Incidents Caused By Acid Reflux

Acid reflux cause the baby to vomit most of the time after feeding. That is why parents are advised to dress their infants in sleep suits and vest because they are easy to clean. Furthermore, they are also easy and quick to change compared to other set of clothes. However, for you to cope with acid reflux this way you will need a lot of vests and sleeping suits.

9. Manage The Pain Caused By The Condition

medicationsThe pain can become extreme for the baby especially at night when they are sleeping. During such day, it is advisable that you have prescribed medicine that you can use to control the pain.

Furthermore, try to sooth the baby in your arms in an upright position to help relieve the pain quickly.

10. Maintain Your Baby Health

Another way to cope with acid reflux is to make sure that your baby stays health and continues to gain weight. Take your infant for regular checkup to make sure that they are not infected with any other condition that may cause acid reflux such as breathing issues.

11. Identify The Foods That Causes The Condition To worsen

The kind of diet that you feed your baby may also contribute to acid reflux. That is why it is advisable that you identify any changes that may occur on your baby after meal. If you do note some of these foods are beverages, avoid feeding them with this particular foods or find a pediatrician who can list for you convenient foods for a baby with such a condition.

12. Try To Help The Baby Relax

baby This is not an easy task for most parents, but is very important. Helping your infant to relax will help them forget about the pain and rest. The best way to do this is to give your baby a warm birth to keep their muscles relax.

13. Feed Your Baby Standing Or sitting In The Position

Changing positions when feeding your baby does not help much. That is because the baby may vomit at any time without warning. That is why it is advisable that you feed your infant in the same place either on a chair or on a table to minimize chaos and damage to your furniture.

14. Elevate Your Infant When Feedin

Elevating your infant when feeding and after feeding is very important to help them settle down. The best way to do this is to play with your baby for approximately forty five minutes or more. The best way to do this is to have a bouncy chair or a swinging chair put a smile on your baby.

15. Seek Medical Assistance If The Spitting Persists For Longer

babySpitting up frequently is dangerous for your baby and can lead to other serious health issues such as losing weight and sleep apnea.

This could be more severe since sleep apnea is sleeping condition that interferes with the breathing of the baby, which makes it dangerous for infants since they are already struggling with acid reflux.

Other Important Factors You Need To Know About Acid Reflux In Babies

Acid reflux in babies is a serious condition that you should be treated at an early stage when detected. However, it is advisable that you seek help from a health facility to control the condition using different medicines used by doctors. Moreover, you also need to acknowledge the fact that this condition may take time to treat and parents are advised to be patient during this moments.

If acid reflux is not treated at an early stage, it can cause other serious conditions such as the mild, which is usually spitting up frequently with endless pain and colic which is considered as a severe condition. Acid reflux is also known to be a contributing factor to abdominal pain that happens frequently causing the baby to wake up more than twice in the middle of the night.

baby There are different medicines used to treat this condition but not all of them may be favorable for your baby.

Always check the ingredients used in the production of the medicine to ensure that it is safe of the baby.

Furthermore, you can always medication made of natural ingredients since they do not cause any allergy or negative effect on your baby


Acid reflux can be prevent and treated using the tips provide in this article. You can try to apply some of these techniques on your own but if the reflux does not stop, then you can seek assistance from a health care. Do not wait for the condition to worsen, the earlier the better for the baby.


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